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Welding Positioner

Welding positioner are mechanical devices that are designed to manage and rotate the workpiece at 360 degrees, allowing operators to weld the metal sheets properly without any discomfort. Adding a weld positioner to your fabrication process is an easy way to increase efficiency and improve weld quality. In addition, having the ability to adjust the weld positioners speed and tilt angle helps the welder work from a comfortable position and increase their output. We have small bench top models as well as sizeable heavy-duty welding positioner tables available. Call us today to see where we can help outfit you with the right rotating table.

At OLIVTE, we have various welding positioners, including pipe welding positioners, elbow welding positioners, light welding positioners, and heavy-duty welding turntables. They enhance precision when working on complex projects. OLIVTE welding positioners come with a range of features, from basic functions to advanced positioning capabilities.

Welding Positioner for Sale

If you are a dealer planning to switch your welding positioner supplier and are interested in discovering the benefits OLIVTE can offer, we would be delighted to engage with you in more detailed discussions and provide comprehensive offers.

If you are an end user seeking to procure new models of welding equipment, we can recommend various types and models based on your specific requirements. Additionally, we can offer comprehensive welding equipment solutions for your factory.

Should you have an interest in OLIVTE's welding positioners, kindly leave your contact information on our website, and we will promptly arrange for our relevant professionals to connect with you!

Beneficial Features of Welding Positioner

What makes OLIVTE’s weld positioning devices popular in most industries is the number of beneficial features that they offer. The following are some most striking features of these heavy duty welding positioner:

Increased Productivity: As said, with this device, the worker movement for carrying out the welding process is reduced significantly. Thus, there is no fatigue caused while using this weld positioners device. This helps increase the overall productivity.

High-quality Weld: When you use these benchtop weld positioners, the overhead or vertical runs are eliminated. This helps achieve high-quality welds with a great consistency.

Easy Positioning: Odd shaped or intricate shape jobs can be positioned easily by the weld positioners to carry out downhand welding.

Amazing Flexibility: You get maximum amount of flexibility as far as job handling is concerned.

Reduced Labor Cost: By using the welding positioner, it helps in increasing the production, even with reduced labor. This way, it helps in single-handed job manipulation and welding, which in turn helps cut down on the labor cost.

Reduced Defects & Enhanced Quality: As this device is easy to operate, even an unskilled labor can operate it efficiently. This helps improve the weld quality, while reducing the chances of weld defects and rejection.

Great Adaptability:These weld positioning devices are extremely adaptable to both manual, as well as automatic welding.

Available in Different Capacities: The weld positioning devices are available in different capacities, such as 500 pounds, 800 pounds, and 1200 pounds.

How does a welding positioner work?

A welding positioner is equipped with a circular rigid frame that holds the workpiece tightly and rotates it as per the requirement. In addition, some welding positioner are equipped with large motors for rotating heavy workpieces. After starting the rotation, the operator can continue with the welding process without moving from his position. We offer both automatic welding positioner as well as manual welding positioners for your consideration. Therefore, when it comes to the working of a welding positioner, automatic welding positioners work at faster speeds compared to manual welding positioner.

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