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Pipe Pinching Rotator for Welding – YGHB Series

Pipe Pinching Rotator for Welding – YGHB Series

OLIVTE has a comprehensive range of pipe rotator for automatic welding. These very versatile handling tools enable welding to be carried out in the optimum positions to benefit the quality of the work. We welcome customers who have any questions to leave us a message!

Practical and Versatile - Customer testimonials from Europe and the United States

OLIVTE has a comprehensive range of pipe rotator for automatic welding. These very versatile handling tools enable welding to be carried out in the optimum positions to benefit the quality of the work.

YGHB Series pipe rotators are ideal solutions to solve the problem of rotating and tilting demands on pipes or flange welding. Height, angle, and speed are all adjustable. A motorized slide with oscillator optional can be to realize automatic welding.

Our welding rotators, tank rotation rolls and pipe rolls maximize safety, minimize handling, increase productivity and improve consistency and weld quality on cylindrical vessels. From small diameter pipes to huge monopile structures for wind tower turbines; we have a rotating solution for every customer application.

Scope of Delivery

1 Main frame body

1 Electric control system

1 control cabinet

1 remote pendant

1 foot switch

1 X-Y slide (optional)

1 Oscillator (optional)

Pipe Rotators Main Technical Parameters

ModelYGHB-10 Pipe Rotators
Max Loading capacity1,000 kg (Approximately 2204 lbs. to meet the work requirements of most European and U.S. customers.)
Pipe/ Flange diameterΦ100-700 mm
Roller linear speed100-1000 mm/min
Rolling speed adjustmentSVF control by AC inverter
Roller motor power0.75 kw
Max. rolling torque960 N.m
Tilting angle+/- 45°
Tilting speed0.3 rpm
Tilting motor power1.1 kw
Max Tilting torque5000 N.m

Ask us any questions you may have about your specifications. The important thing is that we are a physical factory and we accept custom orders! That's a better price and better after-sales guarantee than some big name dealers!

Usage for welding on pipe, elbow and flange

Straight pipe with Straight pipe joint, Straight pipe with flange


Straight pipe with elbow pipe joint, Straight pipe with double elbow pipes


Pipe Rotator for Welding for Sale - FAQ

What are Pipe Rotators?

A pipe rotator is a device that is used to rotate a pipe while it is being welded. This allows the welder to easily access all sides of the pipe and produce a high-quality weld. Pipe rotators can be used in a variety of welding applications, including welding pipes in the field, in a workshop, or in a fabrication shop. There are several types of pipe rotators available, including manual rotators, hydraulic rotators, and pneumatic rotators. The type of rotator that is best suited for a particular application will depend on the size and weight of the pipe being welded, as well as the welding process being used.

Can Pipe Rotators be Used For Welding?

Yes, pipe rotators can be used for welding. Its primary use is to assist and complement the welding process. It’s what you can use to hold a round or cylindrical workpiece and move it in a whole 360-degree rotation. This allows the welder to easily access all sides of the pipe and produce a high-quality weld.

What Pipes Can You Use With Pipe Rotators?

You can use pipe welding rotators for a wide range of pipe and tube fittings.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Long Radius Bend Pipes

Elbow Pipes

Tee Pipes


Wye Pipes

And Many More!

Note: Pipe welding rotators assist the welding process, so big and heavy parts and components are loaded to these machines more often than not. But, you can also use it for small to medium-sized pipes and workpieces.

What are Pipe Welding Rollers?

Pipe welding rollers are devices that are used to support and rotate pipes during the welding process. They are typically used in conjunction with a pipe rotator and are designed to make it easier for the welder to access all sides of the pipe. Pipe welding rollers are typically made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum, and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sizes of pipes. Some welding rollers are adjustable, which allows them to be used with a range of pipe diameters. Other features that may be available on welding rollers include locking mechanisms to hold the pipe securely in place, and protective coatings to prevent the pipe from being damaged during the welding process.

What Benefits Can You Get From Using Pipe Rotators For Welding?

Using pipe welding rollers for welding can give you the following benefits and advantages:

Faster and Speedier Production

Your pipe rotators can help you get even to the most awkward and complicated parts. This makes production faster, more urgent, and hastier.

Stable and Consistent Welds (For Bulk Welds)

Pipe rotators can set your workpiece in place without it being misaligned. What does this mean for you?

Whenever you perform the weld, the rotator can move it more consistently with more stability; this makes all your welds the same without any irregularities.

Safety and Security of Welders

Imagine welding a 50-ton pipe fitting; isn’t it dangerous for your welders? What happens when it gets mishandled?

Using pipe rotators dramatically increase the safety and security of your welders. It has been proven and tested.

Higher and Better Quality of Welds

Your welders wouldn’t anymore worry about how to handle the workpiece. With this, they can focus on the welding procedure itself, creating better and higher weld quality.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Pipe Welding Rollers?

There are a few potential disadvantages to using pipe welding rollers:

Cost: Pipe welding rollers can be expensive, especially if you need a large number of them or if you need rollers that are capable of handling very large pipes. Ask us for requirements and prices!

Complexity: The setup and use of some pipe welding rollers can be complex, which can add to the overall time and effort required for a welding project. Our pipe welding drums are simple to set up and easy to get started with.

Limited flexibility: Pipe welding rollers are typically designed for use with a specific range of pipe diameters, so if you need to weld pipes that are outside of that range, you may need to purchase additional rollers or use a different type of support.

Limited stability: Depending on the design of the rollers, they may not provide as much stability as other types of pipe supports, which can make it more difficult to achieve a high-quality weld.

Overall, the advantages of using pipe welding rollers may outweigh these disadvantages in many cases, but it's important to carefully consider your needs and whether rollers are the best solution for your particular welding project.

Why Do We Need Pipe Rotators?

There’s no way you can handle welding a 50-ton pipe fitting by yourself.

Even if you’re strong enough, it’ll be hard and somewhat impossible to turn it in even with 2 to 3 people.

So, it would help if you had pipe rotators to quickly and effortlessly weld even the heaviest workpieces.

Which Industries Can Find it Beneficial?

Many industries can find the use of pipe rotators beneficial. But among the most common that utilize it are:

Metalworking and Fabrication Industry

Construction Industry

Oil & Gas Industries

Petrol Chemical Industry

Power and Generation Industries

Nuclear Industry

Industries that utilize heavy pipes and tubes often find the best use for it. But, it can also be used in the automotive industry (i.e. creation of tanks, etc.).

For you to get the specific machine you need, consider asking these questions:

Would the rotator meet the capacity requirement of the load?

Is there a specific speed for power or turning for any of the projects?

What specific type of wheels do I need?

How big would the workpieces be? How many rollers would I need?

What are Turning Rolls?

A turning roll is a machine that helps handle heavy materials (more than 100 tons).

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