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All Knowledge about Welding Positioner

The welding positioner is a device that can rotate around 360°, which allows the welder to stand in one position and work continuously on a horizontal surface. It adds comfort to welders who must work on special-shaped parts such as tubular pipes. The welding positioner prevents worker fatigue and increases productivity due to the lack of worker movement required to complete the work. Since no overhead or vertical routing is involved, this method also tends to provide consistently high-quality welding.

In the welding equipment, provide higher comfort for the welding machine, thereby improving welding accuracy in complex work. The welding positioner improves productivity and has a wide range of functions from basic functions to more advanced positioning applications.

How does the welding positioner work?

Welding Positioner China can be operated efficiently by gripping the pipe joint or valve and rotating the workpiece as needed. Therefore, the welding machine can continuously weld the joint in a flat position without interrupting the process. This allows the welder to keep the weld in the joint without having to manipulate the welding gun or electrode holder.

Welding positioners are very useful for increasing the welding deposition rate and reducing the rejection rate because they can better approach the weld on the pipeline. Welding fixtures or welding positioners can help the operator to weld faster than manual or semi-automatic welding settings.

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

How to use the welding positioner correctly?

When operating a welding positioner, safety is always the top priority. It is important to ensure that your welding positioner is always fixed on a flat, stable surface. The desktop welding positioner should also be fixed.

It is also important to check the specifications of the welding positioner. The motor and control device depending on the size and speed required by the welding machine to perform the operation. The manufacturer will inform you whether the specifications of the welding machine positioner can handle the operation you need to perform.

During the welding process, the ground current should also be connected to the positioner. Without it, electrical components may be damaged. You should also make sure that the positioner is compatible with the current generated during the welding process.

Welding positioner options

Desktop welding buffer

The desktop welding positioner provides excellent workpiece positioning function in the small frame design and can be easily installed on the workbench or desktop. The desktop welding positioner has the function of part rotation and tilt, which can realize accurate workpiece positioning.

Welding turntable

The spin welding turntable provides the main advantage of precise positioning in a flat or horizontal position. They also provide a high-precision, low-cost method for rotating pipes, vessels, or industrial workpieces around a vertical axis. The ground turntable is mainly used for welding, flame-cutting, X-ray, and machining applications.

Pipe welding positioner

Pipe welding positioner greatly improves productivity when welding pipes, shafts, wheels, elbows, and other accessories. Together with the welding turntable, the pipe welding positioner is particularly useful when rotating or positioning workpieces with large offset loads. Pipe welding positioners can be used in a variety of applications, from winding pipes to positioning large and heavy parts such as chassis components or structural steel.

Spin welding positioner

The rotary welding positioner makes the welding of round objects easier and more efficient. The reversible variable speed control box allows you to accurately enter the correct speed, and the optional variable-speed pedal adds another level of control. These welding positioners are very useful for precision welding applications.

Headstock and tailstock locator

The welding positioner is designed for long rectangular shapes that must be supported from both ends. Fixed height rotation, centerline, and power boost models can be used for ergonomic weldment placement. The headstock and tailstock locator also provides maximum flexibility when lifting or rotating heavy workpieces, such as trailer frames or large containers.

Claw welding chuck

A fixture welding fixture is a special fixture that can withstand the robust conditions of the welding industry. They are mainly used to fix customized metal parts, which are fixed on the headstock/tailstock, so they can be welded. Chuck welding equipment is a cost-effective way to increase your welding ability and increase efficiency.

Universal welding positioner

Ordinary welding positioners use various methods to fix and position the workpiece to be welded, allowing the part to be rotated or rotated 360° completely so that the welder can keep it in a position on a safe, flat surface. A general welding positioner refers to a positioner that does not belong to one of the main welding positioner categories.

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