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The development of welding rotator has been greatly improved

In recent years, the development of welding rotator has been greatly improved.

Every domestic wheel rack manufacturer with nearly 10 years of engineering machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery and equipment, the development of bridge steel structure industry such as welding rotator machinery development of spring, by the previous 2000 sets of domestic capacity and sales capacity, up to the size of 30000 units a year by the previous industry total output value development to the current annual production nearly $8 billions level, industry, do big cake, but a growing number of welding rotator production enterprises found that enterprise production in big quantity, but no growth profit depends on how much. And enterprise development prospect is not very clear, had met a lot of problems, organize summarized specific problem analysis is as follows: plant and equipment investment grows, mainly on the welding rotator of manufacturing equipment, such as roller machine, welding equipment and automatic welding equipment, lead screw transmission mechanism, the CNC equipment operation, pneumatic clamp body, steel structures, such as costs are increasing year by year.

As the world economic crisis accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, the adjustable welding rotator industry has a huge impact. welding rotator industry belongs to the special equipment industry, although China's 12th five-year plan is to vigorously support the special industry, but the pressure easy industry has not produced a particularly large role in promoting. According to the pressure vessel network analysis, China's pressure vessel manufacturers are very many, about thousands. Mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta region, and mainly by private enterprises, most of the enterprises are not very large scale, each has its own focus. Most also focus on low-end products. Since the economic crisis, the competitiveness is getting worse and worse, and the benefits are also greatly affected. The pressure vessel industry is affected by the impact of the corresponding service providers, such as CNC drilling machine and welding rotator manufacturers, also affected by varying degrees. This is a result of economic interdependence.

adjustable welding rotator

welding rotator guide rail is generally casting guide rail, surface high-frequency hardening hardness of HRC45, the main walking mechanism weight of about 3-4 tons, long time in the guide rail heavy load walking, the upper and lower guide rail is sliding friction, friction resistance, great damage to the guide rail, prone to abnormal wear and hair phenomenon. The main transmission guide rail is the key part of the welding rotator. In practical use, if the maintenance is not proper, the main rail is easy to wear and pull, and the monthly cost of overhaul is 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. The technology reaches or exceeds the similar products of foreign countries, the price is only one third of that of foreign countries, and it has superior product competitiveness and development prospects. The utility model relates to a metal cutting machine tool. Including stand, on both sides of the plate, bar, tool post, on the stand is equipped with worktable, at the bottom of the beam connection has several hydraulic clamp device, hydraulic clamp device located above the workbench, it also has a rest walking trolley, tool post is located in the tool post car to walk, the front frame is equipped with parallel to the countertop and length is guide, head to walk the car and base through the guide rail connection.

At present, the brand awareness of users is constantly improving, so manufacturers and dealers should work together to come up with ideas to improve brand awareness. Such as strengthen sales efforts, manufacturers and distributors of each salesman is a live advertising, at the same time can choose the industry has a certain influence of the media for publicity and promotion, participate in the welding industry more than large exhibitions. Only when the popularity of the enterprise increases, customers will think of and choose our brand products when they need products.

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