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List of Basic Welding Equipment

To start the basics of welding, you need a welder, welding rod, feed, and safety gear. However, before you start, it is best to take a class or find an expert who can teach you how to solder. If you do not understand the basic safety requirements, you may severely burn yourself or damage your eyes. The welding process connects the metals together by melting two pieces of metal at the joint and forming a joint. Welding equipment supplier shares this article with you.

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Wire feeding makes welding much easier than before. Clean the metal to be welded with a degreasing agent to help make the weld stronger. Grinding or chamfering along the edge of the planned weld can help the liquid metal penetrate deeply into the joint. Lightly sand or file the weld to clean the weld, but do not over-weld to avoid damage to the weld.


TIG and MIG welding machines

The most common welder used by homeowners and hobbyists in basic projects is the rod welder. Also known as a metal shielded arc welding machine, most people like it because it is easy to buy and lacks a special environment to use it. But compared with other forms of welding, the electrodes in the rod welding machine need to be replaced frequently. These include gas tungsten arc welders, TIG, and gas metal arc welders (called MIG welders). You also need to use this type of welding machine to feed some gas.


Charged electrode

The electrode is the tip of the tool. It transfers current from the welder to the material being welded, making it very hot and liquid. For rod welders and MIG welders, the type of metal and the type of electrode tip required to drive the heat of melting it. But in the TIG welding machine, the electrode tip is made of non-consumable tungsten and does not need to be replaced.


Welding wire and electrode feed

Due to the geometry or weakness of the weld, some welds require feed to strengthen the joint. Rod welding uses electrode feed; MIG welding usually uses welding wire. Moreover, TIG welding also uses a flux due to its non-consumable nature.


Other tools

Most welders also use angle grinders to help level joints, wire brushes, clean metal surfaces or grind them before welding, slag hammers, C-clamps, ball hammers, electrode tip cleaners, flint strikers, Sharp-nose and thread cutter cutters. Other tools available: cold chisel, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, round and flat files, level, and square.


Safety equipment

Due to the temperatures and elements involved, welding is very dangerous and can be fatal if not handled properly. Before touching the welding device, please wear a welding helmet that protects your eyes, earplugs, sturdy boots to protect your feet from sparks or slag, and welding gloves that protect your hands and leather to cover the rest of your body. If you do not have these, please do not solder, otherwise, you may get injured.

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