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The Importance of Welding Robots in Production

With the advancement of information technology, mechanization and industrialization have gradually become the main theme of enterprise production, technological innovation capabilities and international competitiveness have increased significantly, and robots have become more and more mainstream. As an important part of industrial robots, welding robots account for more than 40% of the total industrial robots.

The reason why Welding Manipulator can account for more than 40% of the total industrial robots is related to the special occupation of welding. Welding, as an industrial "ready-to-wear", is a very important processing technique in industrial production. One is because of welding fumes, arcs, and metals. The presence of spatter, the welding working environment is very bad, and the quality of welding has a decisive influence on the quality of goods.

Welding Robots Supplier thinks that the selection of the welding robot has the following primary meanings.

1. Improve labor productivity. The robot is not fatigued and can be produced continuously 24 hours a day. Others follow the application of high-speed and high-efficiency welding skills and the use of robot welding, the efficiency improvement is more significant.   

2. Clear commodity cycle, simple control of commodity output. The production cycle of the robot is fixed, so the production plan is very clear.

3. It can shorten the cycle of product modification and replacement, and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. It can complete the welding automation of small-batch products. The biggest difference between a robot and a special machine is that it can modify the program to adapt to the production of different workpieces.

4. Stable and improve welding quality to ensure its uniformity. Welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed, and welding dry elongation play a decisive role in welding results. When robot welding is selected, the welding parameters of each weld are stable, and the quality of the weld is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for the operation skills of the workers, so the welding quality is stable. In manual welding, the welding speed, dry elongation, etc. are changed, so it is difficult to achieve quality uniformity.  

5. Improved the working conditions of workers. Robot welding workers are only used for loading and unloading workpieces, away from welding arcs, smoke, and splashes. For spot welding, workers no longer transfer cumbersome manual welding tongs, so that workers can get rid of heavy manual labor.

Welding Robot

Welding robots can stabilize and improve the welding quality; improve the labor intensity of workers and work in harmful environments; shorten the preparation period for product transformation and reduce the corresponding equipment investment, etc., and can replace manpower in various operating environments. Stable operation and construction, and have been widely used in all walks of life. With the rapid development of welding robots, the job of welders is indeed no longer stable. The work efficiency of the welding robot can basically replace the effect achieved by 3-4 welding workers at the same time.

The robot does not work alone and needs to be combined with much peripheral auxiliary equipment, such as control cabinets, welding power supplies, wire feeders, positioners, fixtures, etc., so the welding robot and peripheral equipment, robots and robots are flexible during the welding process The goal of reducing auxiliary time and improving efficiency to a large extent has been achieved through integration.

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