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FITA Growing Line

FITA Growing Line

The FITA Series Shell Growing Line is used for three or more pipes/ shells assembly and welding jobs. The Growing Line facilitates the efficient production of large diameter tubular workpieces, typically used in wind tower fabrication. These expandable mounting rollers can be grown to fit the size of the workpiece and aid in precise alignment.

    Growing Line - FITA Series - Supply to Europe, USA and other countries

    OLIVTE specializes in the production of an innovative growth line system for the rapid alignment, leveling, assembly and indexing of large pipes, tanks and vessels. Weights up to 100 tons. The Growline reduces assembly time by 65%, minimizes crane operations, and maximizes operator safety compared to conventional methods.

    Stable Speedy Shells Joining and Growing Process

    FITA Series shell Growing Line is used for three or more pipes/ shells assembly and welding job. FITA Growing Line is equipped with two fit-up self-alinging roller beds, which have four independent hydraulic height adjustment rollers, to ensure the assembly and welding job speedy with a high performance.

    Tank Growing Line Features

    A.   Fastest system to assemble 1+1 or 1+1+...+1 sections

  • B.  Self-aling design automatically to meet different diameters of workpieces

  • C.  Four independent hydraulic adjusting roller to align the two sections with each other

    D.  European hydraulic station, Parker oil tube and Schneider elctrical control system

    E.  Ideal for:

        - Wind tower fabrication

        - Pressure vessels

        - Pipe assembly

    Configuration details - Welcome to discuss with us from Europe, USA and other regions!
    FITA Growing Line is complete with a group of 4 (four) rotators in two combinations:
    Tank Growing Line


    Fit-up section for fit-up job consist of:

    Rotator A & B: Hydraulically adjusted idle rotator which fixed on ground and has two hydraulic cylinders to adjust center distance of rollers separately.

    Tank Growing Line

  • Growing section is for ‘growing job’ consist of two rotators.

  • Rotator C: Idler rotator- Automatcially adjust supporting angle of rolls to handle different workpiece diameter and manual travel on rail.

    Rotator D: Power rotator - Automatcially adjust supporting angle of rolls to handle different workpiece diameter and motorized travel on rail.

    .Tank Growing Line

    Scope of Delivery

    A.  1 Power section, 1 Idler roller bed

    B.   2 Fit up roller beds and hydrulic station

    C.  1 Hydraulic support v-roll

    D.  1 Electric control system

        1 Main control panel    

        2 Remote pendant

Tank Growing Line Techncial Data




Max  loading capacity

60 tons

80 tons

Rotator  A & B capacity

30 tons

40 tons

Rotator C and D capacity

60 tons

80 tons

Workpiece diameter

Ø 1800- Ø 5000 mm

Ø 2000- Ø 5500 mm

Rollers supporting angle adjusting mode

Auto Self-aligning

Auto Self-aligning

Rotator A & B roller height adjusting

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic control mode

4 each separately

4 each separately  

Rolling speed

100-1000 mm/min (VFD)

100-1000 mm/min (VFD)

Rolling motor power

2 X 2.2 kw

2 X 3 kw

Roller material

Polyurethane   (PU)

Polyurethane   (PU)

Rotator D horizontal moving speed

250-2500mm/min   (VFD)

250-2500mm/min   (VFD)

Rails inner gauge



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