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FITA Growing Line

FITA Growing Line

    Growing Line - FITA Series

    Stable Speedy Shells Joining and Growing Process

    FITA Series shell Growing Line is used for three or more pipes/ shells assembly and welding job. FITA Growing Line is equipped with two fit-up self-alinging roller beds, which have four independent hydraulic height adjustment rollers, to ensure the assembly and welding job speedy with a high performance.


    A.   Fastest system to assemble 1+1 or 1+1+...+1 sections

  • B.  Self-aling design automatically to meet different diameters of workpieces

  • C.  Four independent hydraulic adjusting roller to align the two sections with each other

    D.  European hydraulic station, Parker oil tube and Schneider elctrical control system

    E.  Ideal for:

        - Wind tower fabrication

        - Pressure vessels

        - Pipe assembly

    Configuration details

    FITA Growing Line is complete with a group of 4 (four) rotators in two combinations:


    Fit-up section for fit-up job consist of:

    Rotator A & B: Hydraulically adjusted idle rotator which fixed on ground and has two hydraulic cylinders to adjust center distance of rollers separately.

  • Growing section is for ‘growing job’ consist of two rotators.

  • Rotator C: Idler rotator- Automatcially adjust supporting angle of rolls to handle different workpiece diameter and manual travel on rail.

    Rotator D: Power rotator - Automatcially adjust supporting angle of rolls to handle different workpiece diameter and motorized travel on rail.


    Scope of Delivery

    A.  1 Power section, 1 Idler roller bed

    B.   2 Fit up roller beds and hydrulic station

    C.  1 Hydraulic support v-roll

    D.  1 Electric control system

        1 Main control panel    

        2 Remote pendant

Techncial Data





Max  loading capacity

60 tons

80 tons

Rotator  A & B capacity

30 tons

40 tons

Rotator C and D capacity

60 tons

80 tons

Workpiece diameter

Ø 1800- Ø 5000 mm

Ø 2000- Ø 5500 mm

Rollers supporting angle adjusting mode

Auto Self-aligning

Auto Self-aligning

Rotator A & B roller height adjusting

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic control mode

4 each separately

4 each separately  

Rolling speed

100-1000 mm/min (VFD)

100-1000 mm/min (VFD)

Rolling motor power

2 X 2.2 kw

2 X 3 kw

Roller material

Polyurethane   (PU)

Polyurethane   (PU)

Rotator D horizontal moving speed

250-2500mm/min   (VFD)

250-2500mm/min   (VFD)

Rails inner gauge



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