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Why Do We Need a Welding Positioner?

Why Do We Need a Welding Positioner?

Improve welding quality

Large pipes may be too heavy to be handled, moved, and welded. Workers must often stop just to rotate the work, which is not necessary when using cranes to fix the pipes. Even if welders are trained to work from different angles, obtaining consistent and reliable welding can be stressful and demanding.

Using and matching appropriate auxiliary equipment, welding positioner china can even fix heavy parts in place. If welders need to work on other parts of the connection, they can easily rotate the pipe through the positioner. Unlike the crane, the positioner is stable and will not cause unnecessary movement, so the welder can concentrate.

Improve productivity

The stability and security help to reduce the turnaround time of the store. Welders can work longer because they don't have to laboriously move parts. This saves them time and enables them to complete their work faster while consuming less energy.

Male elbows are easy to weld

Any welder knows that even with auxiliary equipment like rollers, working on elbows is tricky. The positioner can be installed with detachable accessories, making the operation and rotation of the elbow joint safer and easier.

It reduces the level of skills required to complete the job

The most experienced welder is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, they do not have the time or energy to undertake all the work required. Finally, you must trust less experienced employees and let them complete the tasks normally assigned to senior employees. The China welding positioner eliminates most of the guesswork about welding pipes, allowing low-skilled workers to focus on creating high-quality welds and completing the task at hand.

Improve worker safety

It is very dangerous to carry heavy objects. Using cranes does not make things easier because they tend to move unnecessarily. As long as the pipe is placed correctly, workers can work and move the workpiece without worrying about its safety. They also don't use too much force, so they are less risky of overusing muscles. Overuse and fatigue are common problems associated with physical labor and can lead to chronic pain.

In addition to improving the results you deliver to customers, it can also promote the safety and better health of your workers.

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Welding positioner

Welding positioner

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