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Performance Of Welding Positioner

Performance Of Welding Positioner

Auto welding positioner manufacturers introduce its main use: welding positioner is universal and efficient welding equipment, mainly used to realize circumferential seam welding. It can be equipped with welding machine power sources such as argon arc welding machine (filled welding machine or unfilled welding machine), melting electrode gas shielded welding machine, plasma welding machine, etc., and can form an automatic welding system with other welding machines. The product is mainly composed of a rotating head, displacement mechanism, and controller. The rotating speed of the rotary machine head is adjustable, and there is an independent speed regulation loop. The dial switch directly presets the length of the weld. The tilt angle can be adjusted as required. The welding torch can be lifted and lowered pneumatically.


(1) China welding positioner and welding machine positioner need to have a wide range of speed adjustment, welding speed, and good structural rigidity.

(2) Welding parts of different sizes and shapes must have certain applicability.

(3) The transmission chain should be equipped with a first-level anti-stroke self-locking transmission to avoid accidents due to gravity when the power is suddenly cut off.

(4) The displacement machinery of the weldment is mechanically coordinated with welding robots and precision welding operations. According to the size and process of the weldment, its in-position accuracy (point control) and running path accuracy (contour control) should be controlled between 0.1-2mm, and the highest accuracy should be It is 0.01mm.

(5) The return speed should be fast, but shock and vibration should be avoided.

(6) It has good electricity, water and gas facilities, and heat and ventilation performance.

(7) The entire structure must have good airtightness.

(8) Welding and displacement machines must have linkage control interfaces and corresponding self-protection functions for centralized control and coordinated actions.

(9) Installation baselines should be engraved on the working surface, and various positioning workpieces and clamping mechanisms should be installed.

(10) It is also used for the impact resistance of the welding displacement mechanism for assembly. There is also a mounting slot, which can conveniently have high strength and impact resistance according to its working surface.

(11) Weldment displacement machinery used for electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, laser welding, and brazing should meet special requirements in terms of electrical conductivity, magnetic isolation, and insulation.

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

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