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The Way To Maintain The Welding Rotator

The Way To Maintain The Welding Rotator

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Although many people say that they have used welding rotators for many years, they may not know how to maintain them. So let me share some tips for maintaining it.

1. When the welding rotator is installed and started, the reducer must be filled with mechanical oil, and the ambient temperature must also be below 0°C. The oil should be changed thoroughly after the first month of use, and then every six months.

2. The welding rotator should be cleaned up before use. It is best to keep the rubber roller away from oil and heat to avoid aging. If possible, someone should be assigned to operate and maintain the welding rotator.

3. To avoid damage to the bearing, the welding ground should not be placed on the roller table.

4. After the chuck is used, the welding chuck body and the slide surface must be cleaned with a tool such as a wind gun. This can ensure that the welding chuck still has good accuracy after long-term use, so regular lubrication of the welding chuck Work is very important.

5. Hit molybdenum disulfide grease (the color is black) at least once a day, and put the grease into the welding chuck nozzle until the grease overflows the jaw face or the inner hole of the welding chuck (inner hole protection sleeve and connecting nut).

6. In order to prevent the internal rust of the welding chuck, the holding force is reduced, and the workpiece cannot be clamped, so it is best to use cutting oil with an anti-rust effect. Using cutting oil can prevent the internal rust of the welding chuck.

7. When the operation is completed, the air gun or similar tools must be used to clean the welding chuck body and the slide surface.

8. Remove and clean the welding chuck at least every 6 months, keep the sliding surface of the jaws clean and lubricate, so that the life of the welding chuck is increased.

9. Check each part for cracks and wear. Cut the cast iron at least once every 2 months to thoroughly clean it. If it is seriously damaged, it should be replaced with a new one immediately.

10. Different clamping methods must be used for different workpieces. If it is used to clamp irregular workpieces, the welding chuck will be damaged.

11. When the pressure of the welding chuck is abnormal, the welding chuck is clamped under high pressure, which will reduce the service life of the welding chuck. Therefore, when the gap of the welding chuck is found to be too large, the new welding chuck must be replaced immediately.

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Main points of maintenance of welding rotator

In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, all transmission components should be checked regularly and irregularly. The cycloid reducer should be checked once a month and replenished with lubricating oil.

The working principle of the rotator is to use friction to work. All transmission parts are not lubricated and are strictly prohibited to use.

The long-term sealed rotator must be replaced with grease before restarting to avoid damage to the machine.

During use, the rotator is in contact with the welding part, and the welding seam or sharp parts are strictly prohibited to touch the roller to avoid damage to the roller.

When lifting and placing the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to hit the rotator forcefully to avoid damage to the rotator or other parts. When the device is not fixed, severe impact may cause the device to overturn.

When the rotator is used for a small diameter cylinder, if the cylinder moves axially, the lifting position of the rotator (within a certain range) can be adjusted by adjusting the adjusting bolt under the arc plate to ensure normal operation. Let the position of the cylinder body be in an appropriate state.

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