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Why Choose a Welding Manipulator?

Welding Manipulator

A welding manipulator is a multifunctional machine that can be automatically controlled and reprogrammed to change, with multiple degrees of freedom, to weld objects in order to perform work at different angles.


The importance of welding manipulators

Welding manipulators are a kind of automatic production equipment developed in recent decades. The welding manipulator is also an important branch of industrial robotics. It is characterized by the ability to be programmed to perform a variety of expected operations, and has the respective advantages of both man and machine in terms of construction and performance, especially in terms of human intelligence and adaptability. The accuracy of welding robot operations and the ability to complete operations in the environment have a wide scope of development in the national economy.

The development of the welding robot is due to its positive role is increasingly recognized: first, it can partially replace the manual operation; second, it can follow a certain procedure, time, and location to complete the welding of the workpiece in accordance with the requirements of the production process; third, it can operate the necessary machinery for welding and assembly, thus greatly improving the labor conditions of workers, significantly increasing labor productivity and speeding up Achieve the pace of mechanization and automation of industrial production. Therefore, the importance of many countries invested a lot of human and material resources in research and application. Especially in high temperature, high pressure, dust, noise, and with radioactive and polluting occasions, the application is more extensive. In China in recent years, there has been rapid development, and achieved certain results, by the machinery industry's attention.

In modern industry, the automation of the production process has become a prominent theme. The level of automation in various industries is getting higher and higher, and modern processing workshops are often equipped with robots to improve production efficiency and complete the work that is difficult or dangerous for workers to complete.


How to choose a welding manipulator?

1. The actual working space of the spot welding manipulator is larger than the working space required for welding. The working space required for welding is determined by the position of the spot and the number of spots.

2. The spot welding speed and the production line speed must match each other. First of all, the production line speed and the number of points to be welded determine the single point working time, while the robot's single point welding time (including pressure, power, maintenance, displacement, etc.) must be less than this value, that is, the spot welding speed should be greater than or equal to the production line production speed.

3. The choice of welding clamp according to the shape of the workpiece, type, welding seam location selection of welding clamp. Vertical and near-vertical welding seam selection C-shaped welding pliers, horizontal and horizontal inclined welding seam selection K-shaped welding pliers.

4. When multiple robots are needed, it should be studied whether to use multiple models and to use multiple spot welding machines and simple right-angle coordinate robots. When the robot interval is small, attention should be paid to the arrangement of the action sequence, which can be controlled by the machine crowd or interlocking role to avoid interference.

5. Other should be selected memory capacity, full teaching function, the high control accuracy of the spot welding robot.


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