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Why Should Welding Manipulator Be Used Together With Welding Positioner?

At this stage, the traditional mass production mode is no longer suitable for the development needs of the original small and medium-sized enterprises, constantly replaced by a small-batch mode. The machining industry needs to be processed according to the specific conditions of the workpiece, and welding positioners have become an important direction for new product development. Therefore, the welding positioner plays a very important role in the automation application of welding manipulators and is favored by the majority of users.

Reasons for using together

1. Welding positioner should have enough space for assembly and welding, all positioning parts and clamping mechanism should be kept at a proper distance from the welding bead.

2. After clamping the welding positioner, should not damage the surface quality of the welded parts. When clamping thinner parts, should limit the clamping force or use the pressure head stroke limit, increase the contact area of the pressure head, and increase the copper and aluminum, bushings, and other measures.

3. Welding positioner must be reliably and firmly clamped. Clamping will not damage the positioning position and geometry of the weld, clamping will not make the weld lose and slippery. And the restraint on the weld will not be too large and will not produce greater stress.

4. In order to facilitate control, the structure of the welding positioner and clamping mechanism on the same welding fixture should not be too much and one should try to use only one power source.

5. Welding manipulator welding fixture has the characteristics of quick action and easy operation. The operating position should be located where the operator can easily approach and operate. When the welding positioner is in the clamping state, it should have the function of self-locking.

6. Welding manipulator's welding positioner force application point should be located at or near the support of the welded parts to prevent support reaction force and clamping force, support reaction force, and gravity to form a force couple.

7. Welding manipulator's welding positioner itself should have a better manufacturing process and higher mechanical efficiency.

Many welding parts are produced and processed by using the welding manipulator system. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they are faced with the need to change from manual welding to automatic and intelligent welding or the existing welding process and methods are not perfect. Inevitably, this will involve the design of welding fixtures. We are a supplier of welding manipulator&welding positioners, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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