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Welding Positioners

Weld Positioners have vertically mounted Rotating Index Tables designed for the unique purpose of producing an airplane of rotation perpendicular to the floor. With this system, big sets of tooling can be installed to simple box structures as well as rotated over the floor. This allows for several collections of tooling to be in place on a single structure (one set for every side), as well as kipped down precise increments for usage. Where a procedure might have previously called for several terminals, a weld positioner can put all the needed tooling in one location, conserving significant quantities of floor area.




The physics behind a weld positioner are inherently various from those behind a standard configuration rotary table. As opposed to the lot's ability being dependent on the inertial loading and bearing abilities, a weld positioner's capability is usually based on its fixed torque result restrictions.

An effectively designed, well-balanced weld positioner system can relocate substantial weights at amazing rates. Since inertia in a weld positioner system arrangement is significantly dependent upon system balance, and effectively engineered system is required for a reliable end product.




A number of advantages have actually already been described, such as the saved floor area and capacity for taking care of high lots abilities in a well-engineered system. In addition to these, the manufacturing expenses of a weld positioning system have a tendency to be less than a typical configuration rotary table. In a correctly balanced system, weld positioners can allow for drives and also structures to be sized down when contrasted to conventional configuration counterparts. As an added note, trunnion drives provide considerably higher ease of access for maintenance objectives, providing owners and operators the chance to carry out less complicated upkeep checks as well as potentially prolong the life of the indexer.




Weld Positioners can be related to any number of applications, however, they are most generally used for installing welding equipment, rotating positioning as well as the mounting and rotation of parts for assembly functions. The same custom-made design aspects that can be put on Activity Index Drives' RT Series can be applied to the indexer used in a weld positioner configuration.


Choices such as unique finishings; constant, oscillating, or versatile modules operandi; custom index times, and dwell periods; in addition to reinforced camera followers for raised fixed torque capacities are offered. Our robot weld placing systems are utilized in industries ranging from aerospace, hefty building vehicles, tanker production, steel industries, traveler train manufacturing, to car manufacturing.


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