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There Are Three Types of Welding Robots

1. Classification according to the development level of robot automation technology

Depending on the degree of automation technology development, the welding manipulator can be divided into three categories: the first kind of robot teaching and reappearing, belong to the first generation of industrial robots, the operator will be required to complete a homework trajectory, velocity, the trigger condition, the information such as job order by direct or indirect way to "teach" robot, by the memory unit teaching process records, and within a certain range of precision, repeated representation is the content of the teaching, at present, widely used in industrial welding robot are such;The second to have certain intelligence, can through the sensing (touch, force sensing, visual, etc.) to a certain degree of awareness of the environment, and according to the perceived information appropriate feedback control, the content of the robot operation situation, the movement speed, the welding torch of welding torch to posture, whether to start or end of welding, such as modification, belongs to the industrial robot in the second generation in the process of the automation technology development, the methods of non-contact sensor, structure light vision weld automatic search and automatic tracking of welding robot would fall into this category. Third class in addition to having a certain awareness, but also has certain decision making and planning ability, such as the ability to use computer processing sensing results and planning of the welding task, or according to the multiple information sensing in the welding process of intelligent decision-making, etc., the welding robot is in a stage of the study, has yet to see the actual application.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

2. Classification according to performance indicators

According to the different performance indexes of robots, they can be divided into five categories: super large welding robot, large welding robot, medium welding robot, small welding robot, and super small welding robot

3. According to the welding process adopted, classification:

According to the operation of the robot welding method, welding manipulator China can be divided into a spot welding robot, robot welding, friction stir welding robot, such as laser welding robot type.

(1) spot welding robot has the characteristics of large payload and large working space. It is equipped with a special spot welding gun and can achieve flexible and accurate movement to meet the requirements of spot welding. Its most typical application is to be used in the automatic assembly line of an automobile body. (2) for arc welding robot welding continuous operation requirements, to achieve continuous path control, also can use interpolation function according to the teaching points to generate continuous welding trajectory, arc welding robots except for robot ontology, a teaching device, and control cabinet, it also include the establishment of a welding torch, automatic wire feeding, welding power source, relevant parts of shielding gas, etc, and based on the fusion welding and melting pole welding, the difference between the wire feed mechanism on installation location and the structure design also have different requirements.

(3) the friction stir welding robot puts forward higher requirements on the positive pressure and torque provided by the robot, as well as the robot's force-sensing ability and track control ability due to the vibration generated in the welding process, the pressure exerted on the weld, the size of the stirring spindle, the vertical and lateral track deflection and other reasons.

(4) in addition to higher accuracy requirements, laser welding robots often achieve flexible welding of complex curved welds or large welds by cooperating with linear axes, rotating platforms, or other robots.





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