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Application of Welding Manipulator to Refrigeration Industry (Part 3)

Between the welding manipulator characteristics and the related advantages of application of most of the technical personnel select, welding manipulator was applied to refrigeration industry refrigeration of pressure vessel. In general, pressure vessel welding manipulator refrigeration often can achieve the goal of optimizing welding parameters, and use of welding seam tracking of the manipulator function can further improve the look of the previous weld defects such as cracks, porosity or splash problem, at the same time control of welding energy input line, ensure the weld microstructure of normal use under low-temperature conditions. The details are as follows:

Further, enhance the safety of pressure vessels

Welding manipulator in the actual application process can further achieve the arc welding, spot welding, cutting and other operational requirements, often can promote the standardization and general level of products. Generally speaking, the specimens welded by welding mechanical parameters can meet the process assessment standards, and in the actual application of products, the welding parameters can be controlled to be consistent with the welding process assessment. The most important thing is that the pressure vessels produced can further meet the requirements of safety technical specifications and fully solve the problem of low safety degree of pressure vessels in the past. Combined with practical experience, the application of welding manipulator in the refrigeration pressure vessel can basically enhance the internal pressure of the pressure vessel and the effect of anti-low temperature environment and improve the application safety. And pressure vessel is the thick plate, welding groove, the robot is often more to "visual control system (purpose is to track positioning, accurate search for groove) + arc voltage tracking system (using the arc voltage feedback, automatic adjust the nose position, ensure the constant arc-length, so as to guarantee the stability of the welding parameters)" is given priority to, to 100% control of the welding energy input, can effectively improve the safety of pressure vessels.

Solve the problem of poor quality of manual welding in the past

Combined with the past practical experience, welding workers in the daily production process, often face more workload. Long time work is difficult to achieve the expected work effect, and the welding quality is often poor, which affects the welding quality of refrigeration containers. In view of this, the technical personnel choose to apply high precision to control the welding line energy welding method, mainly will be the welding manipulator into the production of low-temperature materials. Combined with the operation effect, the welding manipulator is equivalent to the workload of 5 welding workers, greatly reducing the work intensity of the staff. Most importantly, the welding appearance quality and metal structure are obviously much stronger than manual welding, which can reduce the follow-up maintenance cost and effectively improve the welding production efficiency. It can be seen that it is of great significance to apply the welding manipulator to the production of refrigeration containers.

 Welding Manipulator China

 Welding Manipulator China

Achieve welding automation control requirements

As an important technical content of welding manipulator, welding seam tracking is an important component of welding automation control system. Welding seam tracking technology can basically further realize the production efficiency of welding automation and enhance the production quality of pressure vessels. Generally speaking, in the practical application of traditional welding technology, obvious weld problems are inevitable, which is not conducive to the production quality of pressure vessels in the long run [6]. Through the application of seam tracking technology, technicians can find the location of weld problems in the first time and use practical measures to improve the production quality of pressure vessels. Most important of all, through the realization of welding automation control requirements, technicians can effectively avoid the problem of previous welding quality is not up to standard, conducive to the further improvement of production quality.


To sum up, the welding manipulator china refrigeration pressure vessel welding basically can achieve the result of optimization of welding quality and welding efficiency. In the actual application process, the technician can choose the reasonable welding parameters according to different workpiece and weld joint.And on this basis, combined with the welding seam tracking function of the equipment, it can generally improve the previous welding efficiency is not high or the quality is not up to standard. And with the continuous strengthening of the application of China's welding manipulator, is bound to be popular in the refrigeration industry, to achieve the expected welding effect, let us wait and see!

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