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Application of Welding Manipulator To Refrigeration Industry (Part 2)

Basic structure:

Automatic welding manipulator equipment is mainly the whole machine structure, control system, welding gun position control structure. Among them, the whole machine structure is mainly composed of the welding machine head, the travelling ring guide rail and the related control system. In the actual application process, mainly plays the role of controlling the whole. The control system mainly refers to the control system which is composed of microcomputer technology and related control technology and completes the operation of welding manipulator by virtue of the characteristics of each template operating independently and cooperating with each other. Welding gun position control mainly USES the welding gun position signal, mechanical arc swing template and other system structures to ensure that the welding gun position can be effectively controlled. It should be noted that in the process of implementing Omni-directional automatic welding, technicians need to make reasonable adjustments to the position of welding gun according to the application of welding machine head, in order to ensure the final welding effect.

Basic application advantages

Welding manipulator in the formal work process, the operation is similar to the human hand, mainly used for welding steel products. Compared with traditional manual operation, welding manipulator often has the advantages of high precision operation, strong welding quality and easy control of welding process parameters. The following is a welding manipulator manufacturers combined with practical experience, summed up and the basic application advantages of the welding manipulator, for your reference.

China Welding Manipulator

China Welding Manipulator 

First of all, the welding manipulator has more stable working effect, high welding quality, and welding uniformity effect strong advantages, the use of welding manipulator can control the welding line energy (intelligent control welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, maximum emasculating man-made factors, can achieve the welding procedure qualification welding processes consistent with the product. Secondly, the welding manipulator is mainly combined with automation technology and intelligent technology, can replace the manual operation, to solve the problem of poor artificial effect in the past. At the same time, welding manipulator can greatly improve labour productivity.

Thirdly, the welding manipulator can effectively improve the poor artificial environment in the past, further improve workers' working conditions, and can deal with the interference of various harmful environment, to avoid the problem of low welding quality in the past. Finally, by taking advantage of china welding manipulator can shorten the development period of product preparation and production cycle, reduce the cost of investment, and to some extent can realize welding requirements of small-batch products and automated welding requirements.

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