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Application of Welding Manipulator to Refrigeration Industry (Part 1)

Refrigeration pressure vessel mainly refers to a refrigeration device that uses liquefied gas as the refrigerant raw material, the design pressure is generally low and medium pressure, and the design temperature is the low temperature (such as some operating temperatures below -40 ℃). Generally speaking, the manufacturing process of refrigeration pressure vessels is basically the same as other pressure vessels. Its characteristic is the low temperature working state, and most of them use low-temperature materials. In other words, in addition to meeting the requirements of conventional pressure vessels, it is necessary to obtain serviceability that meets low-temperature impact. In order to meet the low-temperature impact, it is necessary to obtain fine-grained weld structures. In low-temperature pressure vessel production, how to obtain the above-mentioned structure? It is obtained by a small and balanced welding line energy input, which is a reasonable combination of welding current, welding voltage, and welding speed, which is determined according to the value of the formula U * I / V.

Welding manipulator factory thinks: in the actual welding process, the technical personnel must strictly to ensure the weld surface may not appear obvious defects such as cracks, porosity or splash problem, at the same time control of welding energy input line, ensure the weld microstructure of normal use under low-temperature conditions. And in the process of pressure vessel assembly, technicians often need to use reasonable means to weld effectively according to different parts of the vessel. Due to the influence of numerous welding types, automatic welding equipment is frequently used in the welding production process. However, how to improve the level of automation and intelligence of welding equipment has become the primary problem in the refrigeration industry. And improve the welding quality, improve the working environment has become the main requirements of welding technicians.

China Welding Manipulator

China Welding Manipulator

Basic overview of welding manipulator

Basic meaning:

The so-called welding manipulator and can be called a welding robot. Generally refers to the 6-axis robot body, which means there are 6 dimensions. Welding manipulator in the formal application of the process often can be along with the established curve movement, that is, along with the three-dimensional curve movement, until the technician to reach the specified position. At the same time, welding manipulator in the composition of the control system and welding system, which contains a lot of content, such as welding power, welding gun, welding software system. When necessary, to complete a spot welding robot engineering and technical personnel also need with the aid of peripheral devices, aims to further enhance the china welding manipulator of work efficiency.


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