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What Are The Components Of a Plasma Welding Machine?

Plasma Welding Machine includes welding power supply, welding gun, special refrigeration water tank, air system and other components.

1. Welding power supply

The welding power supply adopts digital inverter power supply, which can work normally when the network voltage fluctuates 20 times, especially suitable for China's basic national conditions. The digital power supply system has fast response speed, high control accuracy and stable performance. Arc - maintaining current can be independently adjusted to ensure arc - maintaining stability.

2. Plasma welding gun

Plasma welding produces plasma arc and used for welding tools called plasma welding gun from China Welding Manipulator. The structure, manufacturing precision, manufacturing process and so on, will affect the performance of plasma welding gun, but also determines the difficulty of plasma welding process. The cooling ability of welding torch is also an important index to measure the quality of plasma welding torch. For the nozzle of the welding gun, the tungsten electrode clip must be sufficiently cooled. When plasma welding, the tungsten electrode must be concentric with the nozzle, and the internal shrinkage can be adjusted freely.

3. Dedicated cooling water tank

Due to the high plasma arc temperature, the cooling effect of the nozzle directly affects the stability of the welding process, that is, whether a stable plasma arc can be generated, thus affecting the welding effect. Therefore, plasma welding must be equipped with a dedicated cooling water tank, to provide a constant temperature.

4. High precision adjustable plasma gas meter

The plasma gas flow directly affects the welding energy. In the welding process, it is very important to provide stable plasma gas flow, so the general flow meter can not meet the needs of plasma welding, so plasma welding should be equipped with high-precision plasma gas meter.

Plasma Welding Machine

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