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What Are the Reasons for the Axial Movement of the Welding Turntable?

Every piece of equipment plays a big role in our lives. Of course, it also includes the welding roller frame from Welding Turntable Factory. After a period of use, various phenomena, such as axial swaying, etc., occur. What is the reason for this phenomenon? The following is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points.

For the welding roller frame such as Self-Alignment Welding Turning-Roll, the roller and the weldment are round, and all the rollers are the same length and the axes are all parallel. Then the role of the active sprocket weldment is to weld the force above, and also the reaction force of the rolling sprocket on the weldment, which is what everyone calls the circular force. That is to say, if the weldment is rotated about the axis, then its shaft will not smash up and down. If there is a serious damage to the roller frame, for example, when the welding roller frame is installed with a slight error, the shape of the welding piece is different or the shape is irregular, then the front and rear rollers will have a big difference, high. Too low, the axis of the roller and the axis of the weldment are not parallel. In this way, the contact between the drive sprocket of the weldment and the driven sprocket will form a shaft up and down. The speed at which the weldment shaft is tilted up and down is proportional to its speed. If the number of rollers deflected at the same angle is large, then the speed of the up and down movement of the weldment shaft will be faster and faster. In addition, if the left and right weight of the weldment is heavy, the speed of the shaft will also change. If the axis of the welding roller frame is in the same plane, the distance between the rollers does not affect the speed of the shaft up and down. Therefore, if the roller frame is installed, there is a slight error.

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