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Automatic Welding Process Of Simple Fault Treatment

In the process of plasma automatic welding, some problems may occur in the welding process due to incorrect operation or unexpected circumstances, and cobalt not solved in time may lead to serious consequences.

1. In the welding process in the Automatic Welding Equipment Factory, it is found that the arc is generated between the nozzle and the workpiece, thus the double-arc phenomenon is generated. After this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to timely adjust the welding parameter current and ionic gas. Excessive current and too small ionic gas will cause double arcs.

2. Smoke is found at the nozzle of plasma welding gun during welding. To stop the welding, check whether the water tank is open, the water meter shows whether there is water, if no water through the welding gun, the welding gun is burnt, must be a professional to repair.

3. In the process of tungsten electrode pair, do not play high frequency. Appear this kind of circumstance, want to clear fire nozzle from Adjustable Welding Rotator Supplier in time, grind metallic luster with metallographic sandpaper, grind tungsten needle afresh.

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4. Porosity in welding seam. The reason may be the base material has oil, rust and other dirt; Poor gas protection effect; The air path is not clean; The gun is leaking air. The workpiece shall be cleaned, arc pressure reduced, welding speed reduced, new gas replaced, piping renewed, o-ring replaced.

5. Serious electrode burn during welding. The reason may be the use of reverse polarity connection; Poor gas protection; The tungsten electrode diameter does not match the current used. The corresponding solution is to change the polarity; Strengthening protection; Reduce arc pressure and slow down welding speed; Switch matched tungsten poles.

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