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Background of making hydraulic positioner

Light positioner factory said background of making hydraulic positioner.

Hydraulic Positioner
Hydraulic Positioner

Background technology: in the long horizontal well, extended reach well and other complex structure wells, due to the self weight of the casing string is located in the well wall at the moment of the well, and the serious eccentricity between the casing string and the well bore, the displacement efficiency of the drilling fluid at the lower part of the casing string is low, and the cementing quality is poor, which affects the safety production of the wells with complex structure. In view of the improvement of casing centering, casing centralizers are mainly used at home and abroad, including Rigid Centralizers and elastic centralizers. The rigid centralizer has the characteristics of high strength and not easy to deform, but the cost is high, the annulus cement slurry flow area is small, and the application scope is limited; the elastic centralizer has the characteristics of low cost and convenient processing and manufacturing, but it is easy to deform, and the improvement of casing string centricity is not ideal, however, due to the low cost, the field application is relatively more. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the above two centralizers and further improve the centering degree of casing string in the borehole, various types of hydraulic centralizers have been developed and designed in China (such as 201210359506.2, 201410591067.7, 201410591048.4, 201210035980. X, 201210562097.6, 201620167210.4, 201320804720.4). Through analysis, it can be seen that hydraulic driving centralizers are used to expand the outer diameter Large way, with the casing string running in the outer diameter does not expand, running friction resistance is small, after running to the design well depth, the centralizer outer diameter expansion to improve the casing string in the middle effect is better, but there are still the following problems to be solved:

1 long axial size, in series with multiple casing strings will cause the overall rigidity of the casing string to increase, reduce the casing string in the complex curved well section through Over capacity, there is the risk of running in and resistance;

2 the structure of hydraulic control module is complex, the accuracy of processing and installation is high, reducing the convenience of operation;

3 the high cost of use limits the scope of promotion and application, if the number of installation is large, the better the casing string is in the middle, but the higher the cost is, if the number of installation is reduced, although capital can be saved, the casing string will be in the middle Significantly lower.

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