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The Introduction of positioner

The positioner is the main accessory of the control valve, which is usually used together with the pneumatic control valve. It receives the output signal of the regulator, and then controls the pneumatic control valve with its output signal. When the control valve acts, the displacement of the valve rod is fed back to the positioner through the mechanical device, and the valve position status is transmitted to the upper system through the electrical signal .

The positioner is the main accessory of the control valve. It takes the displacement signal of the valve rod as the input feedback measurement signal and the output signal of the controller as the set signal for comparison. When there is a deviation between the two, the output signal to the actuator is changed to make the actuator act, and the one-to-one correspondence between the displacement times of the valve rod and the output signal of the controller is established. Therefore, the positioner consists of a feedback control system with the stem displacement as the measurement signal and the controller output as the set signal. The control variable of the control system is the output signal from the positioner to the actuator. 

There are many kinds of positioners, known as slot machine positioner, Hydraulic Positioner,mobile phone positioner,Hydraulic Positioner For Sale, game machine positioner , l Type Positioner etc.


The manual hydraulic positioner can solve the problem by placing the positioner between the load and the crane or crane, and effectively prevent the unforeseen damage to the key parts. Loads up to 250 tons can be moved safely and reliably with an accuracy of 0.001 inch The accuracy of weight indication is within 0.5% of the full range. It can be flexibly applied between several cranes. Or it can be used as a verification test device for overweight equipment. Vertical down control accuracy is within 0.001 inch (25 microns). Vertical up control accuracy is within 0.001 inch (25 microns). Display the pull force in real time through the load table. 

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