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Automatic welding manipulator--first-line welding expert

Industrial welding manipulator is a highly automated welding equipment. The use of manipulators instead of manual welding is the development trend of the welding manipulator manufacturer industry, and it is an important means to improve welding quality, reduce costs, and improve the working environment. Manipulator welding, as an important symbol of the development of modern manufacturing technology, has been accepted by many domestic factories, and more and more companies are choosing welding manipulators as a technical transformation solution.

At present, with the development of technology and standardization of production, welding manipulators are no longer affordable equipment for large enterprises, and the price of welding manipulators has become more acceptable than before. Compared with the increasing labor costs and labor difficulties, the cost of introducing welding manipulators has far more advantages than the introduction of advanced welders. Here are three reasons to introduce welding manipulators:

First, efficiency

The welding manipulator can move quickly between welding points, and the production efficiency is very high, which shortens the production cycle. Generally, manipulator welding systems work two to four times as efficiently as manual labor. In addition, the current design of manipulator processing is more able to adapt to the rapid change of production methods. Therefore, the welding manipulator can flexibly adapt to various tasks and improve production efficiency.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Second, the quality

The repeated positioning accuracy of the welding manipulator can reach ± 0.08 mm, and the welding speed, angle and distance are also easy to control and keep consistent. Reduce the loss during production through parameter setting. In order to ensure the safety factor, workers usually use more metal fillers, while welding manipulators use the correct amount. This reduces component scrap or rework caused by metal losses and errors.

Third, security

Welding manipulators can be operated in areas that are hard to reach or see by humans. Moreover, welding is a dangerous job, and the insurance costs paid by companies are relatively high. The use of welding manipulators will reduce these additional expenses and guarantee the personal safety of employees.

Modern workers are more seeking safety and comfort at work, which leads to the continuous increase of labor costs, and various occupational disease protection also requires a lot of investment. In contrast, welding manipulators can avoid a lot of problems, they are completely resentful and meticulous to complete the task. One investment will benefit you for life, and you can recover the equipment cost in three or five months, even in a shorter time. If the welding manipulator is equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism, a worker can operate many devices at the same time, thereby saving production costs.

All in all, welding manipulators can reduce manufacturing costs, improve production efficiency and welding quality.

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