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The development of bridge steel structure industry brings the spring of milling machine

The development of bridge steel structure industry brings the spring of milling machine

H-beams face milling machine manufacturer shares that as a result of the world economic crisis accelerated the adjustment of industrial pattern, the milling machine industry has a huge impact. Edge-milling machine industry belongs to the special equipment industry, although China's 12th five-year plan is to vigorously support the special industry, but the pressure easy industry has not produced a particularly large role in promoting. According to the pressure vessel network analysis, China's pressure vessel manufacturers are very many, about thousands. Mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta region, and mainly by private enterprises, most of the enterprises are not very large scale, each has its own focus. Most also focus on low-end products. Since the economic crisis, the competitiveness is getting worse and worse, and the benefits are also greatly affected. The pressure vessel industry is affected by the impact, also implicated in the corresponding service providers, such as CNC drilling machine and milling machine manufacturers, also affected by varying degrees. This is a result of economic interdependence.

The cold road milling and planing machine is generally designed as a four-track or three-track drive structure, and the track is arranged symmetrically along the longitudinal center of the milling and planing machine. The crawler travelling mechanism mainly consists of guide wheel, tensioning device, crawler frame, supporting wheel, driving device, chain track and crawler plate. In recent years, with the emergence and development of programmable controller technology, it promotes the process of industrial automation. In all kinds of lathe electrical system we often see the relay-contactor control, but that has been the traditional control method in the past, can not keep up with the trend of The Times, waste serious low efficiency, now relay-contactor can only be used as low-end basic level control module. And the emergence of PLC has become an epoch-making theme, through stable hardware interpenetration, flexible software control, making it a powerful tool to achieve industrial automation.

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In the past 10 years, the edge milling machine industry has made great progress both in terms of technology and scale, and the support of special equipment in the 12th five-year plan shows that the pressure vessel industry still has great room for appreciation. Therefore, our corresponding suppliers should also see the bright dawn of the future, and actively produce products such as CNC drilling machine and edge milling machine with higher precision, in order to cooperate with the development of pressure vessel industry, so as to achieve the goal of win-win revenue. Hydraulic circuit structure, using pressure retaining system function, reduce oil temperature, reduce oil leakage phenomenon. The machine is also equipped with hydraulic clamping system malfunction and cutting process immediately stop the interlock, the bed at both ends of the trip buffer and other safety protection devices, to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine operation.

Domestic edge milling machine manufacturer with nearly 10 years of engineering machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery, bridge steel structure industry development drew edge milling machine of the development of the spring, the previous 2000 sets of domestic capacity and sales capacity, up to the size of 30000 units a year by the previous industry total output value development to the current annual production nearly $8 billions level, industry, do big cake, but a growing number of edge milling machine manufacturing enterprises found that enterprise production in big quantity, but no growth profit depends on how much. And enterprise development prospect is not very clear, had met a lot of problems, organize summarized specific problem analysis is as follows: plant and equipment investment grows, mainly on edge milling machine manufacturing equipment, such as edge milling mechanical and electrical machine, welding equipment and automatic welding equipment, lead screw transmission mechanism, the CNC equipment operation, pneumatic clamp body, steel structures, such as costs are increasing year by year.

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