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The domestic roller frame has superior product competitiveness

At present, the domestic roller frame has superior product competitiveness

Welding positioner manufacturer shares that, because of different applicable ways of table roller rack and portable roller rack common structure of the roller rack industry, their mutual relationship is a symbiotic relationship, each other can not replace each other, each of the milling edge processing characteristics of our company to do the following summary. Desktop roller frame: large processing capability, in view of the material edge milling can play the edge of the edge milling milling X U edge milling, milling, Z 90 degree right-angle milling effect, such as for Yu Zhonghou plate also to work, the disadvantage of the homework is restricted by plate length when working, such as 9 meters wheel rack if for 12 meters long plank to operate its due to the limitation of length of 12 meters of material to work. Secondly, the purchase cost of portable roller frame is more than 10 times.

At present, the roller frame industry belongs to the special equipment industry. Although China's 12th five-year plan is to vigorously support the special industry, it has not played a particularly significant role in promoting the pressure-prone industry. According to the analysis of the roller rack talent network, China's roller rack manufacturers are very many, thousands of about. Mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta region, and mainly by private enterprises, most of the enterprises are not very large scale, each has its own focus. Most also focus on low-end products. Since the economic crisis, the competitiveness is getting worse and worse, and the benefits are also greatly affected.

Welding positioner manufacturer

Road roller frame outline diagram the crawler walking mechanism is the supporting part of the large cold road milling and planing machine, which is used to support the weight of the machine, bear the force generated by the milling and planing mechanism in the course of milling and planing operation, and complete the movement of the planing machine in milling, loading and transferring. The cold road milling and planing machine is generally designed as a four-track or three-track driving structure (the rear part of the three-track driving structure is supported by a track), and the track is arranged symmetrically along the longitudinal center of the milling and planing machine. The crawler travelling mechanism mainly consists of guide wheel, tensioning device, crawler frame, supporting wheel, driving device, chain track and crawler plate. Reasonable bed structure, milling head running more stable and reliable, its feed system and return system is completely independent, return fast, high efficiency, milling cutter disc Angle adjustment convenient, custom cutter disc and standard cutter disc interchangeable, is the replacement of the traditional roller frame.

The strategic positioning of China's machinery industry in the early 21st century is as follows: from a major producer of machinery products to a powerful industrial power marked by market competitiveness; From a big importer of machinery equipment to a big trader of machinery products; From focusing on export-oriented production to expanding into both production and consumption. Under this orientation, by 2005, it will develop into 50 large enterprises with international competitiveness, strive for one or two enterprises to enter the world's top 500, and the concentration ratio of the top 100 enterprises will reach more than 30%. The organizational structure changes from "olive-shaped" to "dumbbell shaped" to establish an organizational system that takes large with small and ensures large with small. Large enterprises in key areas such as electric power equipment, NC machine tools, mechanical basic equipment and cars have independent development capabilities to reverse the excessive dependence on foreign countries for main products and technologies. Steel plate edge planer overcomes the disadvantages of traditional machine tools, overcomes 7 worldwide problems that cannot be solved in the industry, improves the efficiency by 2-3 times, and owns a number of technical patents. The technology reaches or exceeds the similar products of foreign countries, the price is only one third of that of foreign countries, and it has superior product competitiveness and development prospects.

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