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Basic introduction of welding auxiliary equipment

Basic introduction of welding auxiliary equipment

 Including welding energy equipment, welding head and welding control system.

Welding energy equipment: used to provide welding energy. Commonly used is a variety of arc welding power source, also known as the welding machine. It has a no-load voltage of 60 ~ 100 volts, a working voltage of 25 ~ 45 volts, and an output current of 50 ~ 1000 amperes. When manual arc welding, the arc length often changes, causing the change of welding voltage. In order to stabilize the welding current, the external characteristic of the arc welding power source should be steep drop, that is, the change of the output current should be small with the change of the output voltage. Shielded arc welding and submerged arc welding can use flat characteristic power supply, whose output voltage changes little when the current changes. Arc welding power sources generally include arc welding transformer, dc arc welding generator and arc welding rectifier. Arc welding transformer provides alternating current, which is widely used. Dc arc welding generator provides direct current, which is more complex to manufacture, consumes more materials and has lower efficiency, and is gradually replaced by arc welding rectifier. Arc welding rectifier is a dc arc welding power source developed in 1950s, which USES silicon diode or thyristor as rectifier. In the 1960s, the transistor arc welding power source composed of high-power transistor can obtain higher control accuracy and excellent performance, but the cost is higher. Resistance welding of the welding energy equipment is a simple resistance welding transformer, no-load voltage range of 1 ~ 36 volts, the current from thousands to tens of thousands of amperes. The welder with this welding energy equipment is called an ac resistance welder. Others include low frequency resistance welder, dc impulse resistance welder, capacitor energy storage resistance welder and secondary rectifier resistance welder.

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(2) welding machine head: its role is to welding energy equipment output energy into welding heat, does not break into the welding material, at the same time the head itself forward movement, welding. The electrode holder for manual arc welding, with the melting of the electrode, must continuously manually feed the electrode downward, and move forward to form the welding seam. The automatic welding machine has a wire feeding mechanism and a head walking mechanism to move the head forward. Commonly used has the trolley type and the suspension type machine head two kinds. The welding head of resistance spot welding and projection welding is the electrode and its pressurizing mechanism, which is used to apply pressure and power to the workpiece. Seam welding has a transmission mechanism to drive the workpiece to move. Static and dynamic fixture and fixture clamping mechanism, as well as mobile fixture welding equipment and forging mechanism are required for butt welding.

(3) welding control system: its role is to control the whole welding process, including the control of welding procedures and welding specifications parameters, such as Auto welding positioner in china, adjustable welding rotator. General ac arc welders have no control system. The welder USES electronic circuit, digital circuit and microprocessor.

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