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What's the Welding turntable

Welding turntable and other auxiliary welding equipment started relatively late in our country, after the reform and opening up in Wuxi, Shanghai and other southern regions to form a relatively small scale of production

Welding turntable rely mainly on state-owned enterprises for production, until after the 20th century slowly transformed into joint ventures, joint-stock enterprises and private enterprises, such as the main production, with the rapid development of computer technology now.

Welding turntable and other welding equipment more advanced technology, at the same time Wuxi OLIVET Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD. in conformity with the development of the times, the introduction of advanced production equipment, our company has a wide range of Welding positioner,welding manipulator products. Welding turntable has reached the leading domestic level, more enterprises provide a better convenience

Welding turntable

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