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New invention of welding rotator

As we all know the common welding equipment includes light welding postioner,straight cutting machine and so on.

There has been one welding method of welding rotator.That invention discloses a motor welding rotator method and apparatus comprising a welding apparatus, a video detection apparatus and a PLC controller, the PLC controller controlling the connection of the welding apparatus and the video detection apparatus. The invention adopts the intelligent control of PLC controller in the whole process, the rotator clamping mechanism with indexing function drives the rotator to rotate, the state image of the welding hook is captured by the video detection equipment and compared with the state image pre-stored in the system, Select the appropriate welding parameters on the results, control the welding mechanism for the corresponding welding, easy and effective solution to a device with different hooks on the status of the different grades of welding.

 welding rotator

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