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Automatic three axis hydraulic positioner

Welding process often need some euquipment like welding turntable or welding positioner.There is a kind of welding positoner is automatic three-axis hydraulic positoner.

HYD Series automatic three axis hydraulic elevating positioner, hydraulic positioner, positioners are the best solution to solve the problem of lifting, rotating and tilting demanding work pieces. Height, angle and speed are all adjustable.

Our hydraulic positioners is easy to control precisely while heavy loads are being moved, docked or disassembled by a crane. Workers under the crane face the danger of the load oscillating up and down at the critical moment of docking and splitting as the crane suddenly starts and stops. This is the value of the locator.

Optional servo motor and PLC control system can help you finish high presicion welding requests.

Hydraulic control montions of elevating and tilting, motorizie high precise rotation control can help finish requested welding position to save much time and cost. 

hydraulic positioner

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