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Welding Inspection Tips(1)

Welding positioned, welding turning rolls, are commonly used in welding industry. There are many Common Weld Faults when welding, such as Incomplete Penetration. It describe the failure of the filler and base metal to fuse together at the root of the joint.

When the groove is welded from one side only, incomplete penetration is easy to caused by the following conditions.

The root face dimension is too large even though the root opening is adequate.

The root opening is too small.

The rate of travel is too high.

The included angle of a V-groove is too small.

The welding current is too low.

The electrode is too large.

Adjustable Welding Rotator

Lack of Fusion

Lack of fusion is the failure of a welding process to fuse together layers of weld metal or weld metal and base metal. The weld metal just rolls over the plate surfaces. This is generally referred to as overlap. Lack of fusion is result under the following conditions:

Failed to improve the melting point temperature of the base metal or weld metal deposition before.

Improper slagging, dissolved surface deposition of metal oxide and other foreign materials must merge.

Improper electrode size or type.

The dirty surface of plate.

There are many other tips about welding equipment faults, we will introduce in the next post.

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