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Welding Oscillator - BD Series

Welding Oscillator - BD Series

Easy to handle and reliable. Signal input & output connector port to supply automatic welding. PLC control system provide a reliable environment MIG, MAG, TIG supply

OLIVTE is one of the top welding oscillator suppliers in China.

The welding oscillator controls the movement of the welding torch back and forth. By adjusting the oscillation speed, width, and pause time, it can reduce the number of weld seams and layers. This advanced welding oscillation system aims to maximize productivity and enhance welding quality in automated mechanized welding operations by minimizing welding defects such as inadequate penetration, incomplete fusion, overlap, and undercut.


l Easy to handle and reliable.

l Signal input & output connector port to supply automatic welding. 

l PLC control system provide a reliable environment

l MIG, MAG, TIG supply 

Welding Oscillator-BD SeriesWelding Oscillator-BD SeriesWelding Oscillator-BD Series

Scope of Delivery

l Oscillator body: 1 pc

l Main controller: 1 pc

l Remote control: 1 pc

Main Technical Parameters

Program storage10 group10 group
Timing Duration0-999.9S0-999.9S
Swing Speed/ Angle0-50mm/s0-10 º /s
Swing range±40mm0-90 º
Dwell-time at left/mid/right0-9.9S0-9.9S
Load capacity5kg5kg
Input Voltage1Ph 220-240v1PH 220-240V 

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