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Do you know about the welding postioner

Welding postioner refers to the welding for assembling and fixing the position of the weld joint. The type of welding postioner are various. There are light welding postioner,L type positioner. Of courser when we welding we also need Welding Turntable. Positioning the beginning and end of welding should be smooth, otherwise,It's easy to cause impermeability. Welding pieces require preheating, Welding postioner should also be preheated, the temperature should be the same as the official welding temperature.

The weld seam height of positioning  not more than 2/3 of the design requirements of the weld, the smaller the better.Carbon content of weldment more than 0.25% or the thickness more than 16 mm shall be welded as soon as possible after positioning and welding at a low temperature, otherwise, a post-heating slow cooling method shall be adopted. Welding postioner should consider the deformation caused by welding stress, so the positioning of solder joints should be reasonable, can not affect the quality of welding, and to ensure that the welding process, the weld will not crack.

welding postioner

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