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Why the welding rotator is widely used

Welding technology is more and more common, welding rotator has also been more widely used, But what make it become more and more popular? The following is my opinion

1.The technology is mature. In 1930, it successfully manufactured the world's first steam turbine rotator with more than 80 years of history. At present, European turbine manufacturers often use some welding equipment such as welding positioner in conventional steam turbines.

2 large forgings difficult to manufacture: 700 degrees and above grade supercritical turbine high pressure rotator requires Ni-based superalloy

3.For high parameters, high-power welding machinery, welding rotator design flexibility, compact structure, the use of smaller forgings, to ensure the inherent quality. Welding process often used to welding turntable and other equipment. At the same time the welding process must pay attention to the safety.

welding rotator

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