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Preventive measures of crater cracks during using the welding postioner

1. Strict implementation of the welding process

Welding postioner is often not get the attention from welder,the welding process should be strictly controlled welding consumables S, P and other impurity elements.

2. Adjust the cooling rate

You can reduce the cooling rate by changing the heat input, positioning the welding arc to increase the swing frequency, increase the residence time and reduce the crater concavity.

3. Control of weld forming factor to reduce welding stress

4. Select the current attenuation device of the welding equipment

Welding postioner is a crucial part of the whole welding process. Cracks generated at the pit of the welding seam can not be ignored. The above process measures can effectively reduce the formation of welding crater cracks, which can effectively improve the performance of component joints, reduce costs and improve welding quality.

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