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Pipe Welding Chucks -WP series

Pipe Welding Chucks -WP series

Welding chucks are clamps specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the welding industry. They are primarily used to hold custom metal parts that are fixed to the spindle box/tailstock and can therefore be welded. Our chuck welding components are self-centering and feature three standard jaws and three locking ball pins.

A welding positioner chuck is a device that is used to hold and position a workpiece while it is being welded. It consists of a chuck, or clamp, that grips the workpiece and a motor that rotates the chuck to position the workpiece at the desired angle. Welding positioner chucks are typically used in conjunction with a welding positioner, which is a piece of equipment that rotates and tilts the workpiece to the desired position. The combination of the welding positioner and the chuck allows the welder to easily position the workpiece for welding, improving the accuracy and quality of the weld. Welding positioner chucks are commonly used in the manufacturing of heavy-duty structures, such as tanks, pressure vessels, and structural steel, where it is important to achieve precise, high-quality welds.

Our fixture welding chucks can also be adjusted for external or internal collet welding. Our welding chucks are designed for fast, self-centering applications. 3 jaw system allows for quick positioning along the slide bar.


 Light weight and easy mounting.

 Get bigger clamping range with extended jaws.

 Adjusting shaft design easy to adjust clamping diameter.


Model D1 D2 D3D4 HH1H2LZ-D Z-D1

welding chuck -WP series

ModelWeightLoad/ clamp capacityClamp Range (A)Clamp Range (B)Clamp range with add. Jaws
WP2007kg80kg/ 200kgØ110-210mmØ 20-130mmØ5-300 mm
WP30011kg120kg/ 250kgØ 170-280mmØ 80-190mmØ10-400 mm
WP40024kg240kg/ 350kgØ 250-380mmØ 120-250mmØ20-500 mm
WP50040kg600kg/ 800kgØ360-500mmØ200-340mmØ40-600mm
WP60085kg1000kg/ 1200kgØ400-620mmØ150-410mmØ40-1500mm

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