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What To Know About Welding Positioners

What To Know About Welding Positioners

The use of welding positioners can expand manufacturers' productivity and profit opportunities. Let's take a look at the benefits of using welding positioners and what you should know.

What is a welding positioner?

A welding positioner is a mechanical device that is used to fix and rotate a workpiece so that the welder can work at an appropriate angle and have a consistent surface. It has the ability to spin quickly, even when bearing significant weight. The main purpose of the welding positioner is to ensure that the workpiece is always in the most suitable welding position.

Positioner increases welding throughput

Positioners can improve work efficiency because they eliminate wasted time in many ways. First, the welding positioner ensures the maximum arc time. Cranes, Chains, fixtures, and other types of rigging equipment require a lot of effort to move, and usually, welders have to wait around for the correct positioning of the workpiece-for a weldment, this may happen multiple times.

The use of the positioner also allows the welder to quickly manipulate the parts! When it comes to larger parts, the positioner allows one operator to handle the work and remove multiple people to reposition the part. This is reflected in the saving of labor and the liberation of employees to do other tasks.

Positioner improves welding quality

One of the main advantages of using the correct welding positioner is that consistent, high-quality welds can be obtained. During the welding process, any movement of the parts is difficult to produce high-quality welds. When your material is fixed, it allows sufficient weld penetration, and it also makes it easier to run complete weld repositioning without interruption. When it comes to welding quality, the welding positioner solves many problems because it rotates the workpiece at a controlled rate and speed to maintain a continuous, penetrating weld.

Welding positioner

Welding positioner

Retrain and attract skilled welders

Since current welders are very thin, retaining and attracting skilled welders is a huge benefit to any manufacturer. The positioning machine allows the welder to work faster, longer, and easier. This equipment improves the working environment and makes it more attractive to skilled workers. The welding positioner also:

Improve safety

Allows skilled and entry-level welders to perform high-quality rotary welding

Improve employee morale

Use a semi-automatic function to reduce worker fatigue and increase production speed

In recent years, welding positioners have developed rapidly in the construction machinery industry and have been widely used. Has quietly become indispensable machine equipment in the manufacturing industry.

Welding positioner is universal and efficient welding equipment, mainly used to realize circumferential seam welding. It can be equipped with welding machine power sources such as argon arc welding machine (filled welding machine or unfilled welding machine), melting electrode gas shielded welding machine, plasma welding machine, etc., and can form an automatic welding system with other welding machines. The product is mainly composed of a rotating head, displacement mechanism, and controller.

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