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What is Welding Positioner and its Uses?

Double Column Positioner

A welding positioner is a special accessory tool or manipulator. It may help achieve the required economic results of a welding program. It may improve productivity by placing the joint in the proper position for the fastest welding. Coordinated with robot welding it can speed up welding operations.


Welding-positioner is a necessary tool for highly productive mechanically assisted manual welding processes.

Especially for those that supply filler metal continuously from a spool (GMAW, FCAW, SAW) or for GTAW with thin sections, if filler metal is not required.

It should be noted that only clamping the work is generally not good enough.

A set of uniformly placed good quality tack welds has to be made to bridge the gap and to provide some rigidity.

This is required, to oppose the stresses, developed during welding, that tend to displace the edges of the joint.


A Welding-positioner assures enhanced quality and increased productivity.

This is the most important gain, because of the reduction of downtime.

In a flat position, the welding parameters can be selected to provide the maximum weld deposition rate, compatible with acceptable (not excessive) heat input.

Arc-on time is equally increased resulting in a potential reduction of welding costs.

The arc torch is fixed to some adjustable clamp, not hand held.

It is different from a robot in that operator's continuous surveillance and intervention are essential for successful work.


A Welding-positioner helps save one's strength, it is welder friendly.

Welding parameters can be optimized for maximum weld metal deposition rate, over and above the values acceptable for manual welder's personal comfort.

Furthermore, new parts of the joint are presented continuously in the most advantageous flat position so that high-quality welding can be performed with high productivity.

Besides loading and unloading the positioner, the operator's task is starting and stopping the operation.

In mechanized welding, the operator keeps the weld centered along the joint and performs minor parameter corrections as may be necessary from time to time.

A Welding-positioner can be designed for linear or for circular welding. Turning rolls are special positioners used for turning cylinders to be welded.

For circular welding in a vertical plane, the torch is placed in an appropriate location.

It is common practice to station the torch or welding head, not at the top of the diameter (in the vertical plane) (the 12 o'clock position).


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