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What Is The Importance Of Welding Positioner As a Tooling Equipment?

What Is The Importance Of Welding Positioner As a Tooling Equipment?

The function of the robot welding positioner is to change the welding position and convert vertical welding and overhead welding to flat welding, which greatly reduces the technical requirements and qualifications of welding operators, and effectively improves the quality and labor efficiency of welding parts.

Welding positioner is a commonly used automatic tooling equipment. After years of technical accumulation and continuous improvement, it has become an indispensable helper for welding operations of small and medium-sized enterprises!

The robot welding positioner is automated equipment used to drag the workpiece to be welded to move the welding seam to the ideal position for welding operations.

Welding Positioner

The main purpose of the robot welding positioner:

The welding positioner is a universal and efficient automatic welding equipment that mainly realizes circular seam welding. The welding positioner is mainly composed of a rotating head, a positioner, and a controller. The rotating speed of the rotating machine head is adjustable, with a speed regulating circuit, and the DIP switch directly presets the weld length. At the same time, the tilt angle can be adjusted as required, and the welding gun can be lifted and lowered pneumatically.

Robot automatic welding machine is a kind of automatic welding equipment. It is an electrical equipment that provides a characteristic power supply for welding operations. Due to its flexibility, simplicity, convenience, firmness, and reliability during welding, its advantages even after welding is the same as the strength of the base material and are widely used in various industrial intelligent manufacturing fields, Such as automobile manufacturing, metal processing, aerospace, etc.

The robot automatic welding machine usually adopts the principle of electric heating to melt the welding sticks for welding without a reduction gear.

The composition and application of the welding positioner are mainly to make the workpiece in the ideal welding position through the lifting, rotating, turning, and other movements of the welding table. There are multiple structural forms such as side-turning, head-to-tail, lifting, and double-rotating. It can be combined with the welding operation frame and other supporting facilities to form an automatic welding machine, and can also be synchronized with the welding robot to realize the automatic welding process. At the same time, various types of welding positioners can be customized according to the user's welding parts and process requirements.

Welding robots are widely used, how do we choose a positioner for welding robots?

1. Improve the accessibility of the weld.

2. It is especially important to make the weld in the flat welding position, especially when welding the weld of critical thickness.

3. When welding thin plates, the welding speed can be increased by displacement, and vertical welding can also be realized.

4. Two sets of workbenches can be used for robot welding. When one set of workbenches is working, the operator can load or unload workpieces on another set of workbenches.

5. Provide protection to the operator to prevent radiation and splashing.

6. Reduce the repeated positioning of the robot, that is, reduce the cycle time and reduce the wear of the welding gun hose on the production line.

7. Friendly man-machine interface.

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