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How To Realize The Displacement Control When Using The Welding Positioner?

The welding positioner is a kind of automatic tooling equipment used with welding robots to change the posture of the product. Through this equipment, the workpiece can be more conducive to the operation of the welding robot. Welding positioners are usually used in robot automatic welding production lines. In addition to welding, as long as they are customized non-standard equipment that can change the position of products, such as CNC machine tools and spraying turntables, they can be called welding positioners. It should be noted that most manufacturers of welding robots produce welding positioners that can be matched with robots.

The welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment. The processing position and welding speed are different for different displacement methods. It can be used with welding robots and combined into welding robot workstations. The table rotation adopts frequency converter step-less speed regulation, with high-speed regulation accuracy, and can be connected with a welding robot or special machine control system to realize linkage operation.

How To Realize The Displacement Control When Using The Welding Positioner?cid=129

The welding positioner is non-standard equipment that can be customized according to the actual production needs of the factory. It can be used with welding robots to achieve better automated production results.

How to do the daily maintenance work of a welding positioner?

1. Regularly check and repair the welding positioner, add grease once half a year to the reverse support.

2. Check the oil level of the reducer once a month. When the oil level is lower than the indicator line, add it in time, and replace the oil of all reducers once a year.

3. Before the operation, check carefully whether there are other items within the reach of the workpiece reversal to avoid collision.

4. When the welding positioner is installing and disassembling the workpiece, check whether the circular pressure plate has been taken out and whether the ejector rod is returned to the position to prevent the workpiece from damaging the welding fixture; the lifting workpiece must not swing greatly to avoid the workpiece from damaging the welding fixture.

5. When the workpiece falls on the welding jig, it should be handled gently, and there should be no excessive impact on the welding jig and welding positioner; after the workpiece is turned to the working position, the power switch should be closed and the power supply should be cut off to avoid misoperation.

How to choose a matching robot welding positioner?

1. The weight of the robot welding positioner and the center of gravity and eccentricity of the weldment on the entire work surface should be within the corresponding data range, and a certain capacity must be ensured.

2. If the optional robot welding positioner is for circumferential seam welding, the rotation speed should be considered according to the groove of the weldment. The speed should be within the range of the positioner rotation speed adjustment. Can the platform's stable operation requirements satisfy the entire process?

3. If the size of the entire weldment of the robot welding positioner on the outer contour is relatively large, then the inclination of the worktable needs to be considered, or whether the tilt angle can meet the best welding position of the weldment, etc., When the contact between the inclined corner and the weldment occurs, then when selecting the workbench, it needs to have a larger gap from the ground, so as to ensure the processing requirements of the entire welding.

4. When you need to start the robot welding positioner, install the electromagnetic fixture and water cooling equipment, you should first adjust it with the manufacturer.

5. For the welding current requirements of the robot welding positioner, the welding parts with a relatively large current are required.

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