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What Is a Welding Rotator?

What Is a Welding Rotator?

The welding rotator is auxiliary welding equipment. It uses the friction between the welding workpiece and the roller to drive the cylindrical (or conical) welding workpiece to rotate. The welding rotator is often used in combination with the welding manipulator. It can weld the inner and outer longitudinal welds and the inner and outer circumferential welds of cylindrical workpieces.

The welding rotator is composed of a base, a power driving device, driving, and driven rollers, and other structures. The welding rotator mainly uses the driving device to operate the active rotator, and friction will occur between the active rotator and the cylindrical workpiece. This frictional force is mainly to drive the rotation of the workpiece, so as to achieve effective displacement. Place the inner and outer circumferential welds and the inner and outer longitudinal welds of the cylindrical workpiece at the horizontal position where welding is required, and the welding manipulator can realize automatic welding. This can not only maximize the welding quality but also effectively improve work efficiency.

Why does the workpiece move on the welding rotator?

When using a welding rotator, the rotator and the weldment are circular and have the same length, and the axis is also parallel, which will not cause movement. If one of the rollers of the roller frame breaks, the selection of the workpiece on the roller frame may cause movement. Of course, if the shape or size of the workpiece is irregular, it will also cause movement. This is because the axis of the rotator is not parallel to the axis of the workpiece.

What effect does the use of welding rotators have on processing quality?

During the welding process, the welding rotator will be used to complete the related operations. The design and production of the rotating frame adopt advanced technology, and at the same time, the application purpose is realized through the automatic tracking system, so that the positioning is more accurate. When the roller frame is processed and produced, the process design can be carried out according to the operating requirements, so that the roller frame can better meet the needs of the industry.

Any problems encountered in the processing and production process can be analyzed, controlled, and adjusted by appropriate methods. In addition, the proper process parameter test of the welding rotator can make the parameter setting more reasonable, make the process operation consistent with the equipment setting, and achieve a better operation control effect.

When processing by welding rotator, the welding process is more stable and reliable. It can not only reduce the probability of failure, but also achieve a good isolation effect, prevent air from entering the equipment, and the equipment will not be affected by the high-temperature environment.

The use of welding rotators can improve the quality of processing operations. Make the product processing and production effect more reasonable and achieve a more ideal application effect.

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