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What Is a Welding Positioner?

What Is a Welding Positioner?

The use of welding positioners can expand manufacturers' productivity and profit opportunities.

A welding positioner is a mechanical device that grabs and rotates the workpiece so that the welder can work at an appropriate angle and a consistent surface. It has the ability to spin quickly, even when bearing significant weight. The main purpose of the welding positioner is to ensure that the workpiece is always in the most suitable welding position.

Positioner increases welding throughput

Positioners increase productivity because they eliminate wasted time in many ways. First of all, the welding positioner guarantees the maximum arc time. Cranes, Chains, grippers, and other types of rigging equipment require a lot of effort to move. Normally, welders need to wait for the correct positioning of the workpiece-this may happen multiple times for a weldment.

The use of the positioner also allows the welder to quickly operate the parts! When it comes to large parts, the positioner allows one operator to handle the work, without the need for multiple people to reposition the parts. This is reflected in saving labor and liberating employees to do other tasks.

Positioner improves welding quality

One of the main advantages of using a suitable welding positioner is that it can produce consistent, high-quality welds. Any movement of the workpiece during the welding process is difficult to produce high-quality welds. When your material is safe, it allows sufficient penetration, and it also makes it easier to run a complete weld without interrupting repositioning. The welding positioner solves many problems in welding quality because it rotates the workpiece at a controllable speed and speed to maintain a continuous, penetrating weld.

Retrain and attract skilled welders

With the current shortage of welding labor, retaining and attracting skilled welders is a huge benefit for any manufacturer. The positioner makes the welder work faster, longer, and easier. The equipment improves the working environment-more attractive to skilled workers. The welding positioner also:

Improve safety.

Allows skilled and novice welders to perform high-quality spin welding.

Improve employee morale.

Use the semi-automatic functions to limit worker fatigue and increase production speed.

How to use a welding positioner correctly?

When operating a welding positioner, safety is always the most important thing. It is important to ensure that your welding positioner is always safe on a flat, stable surface. The welding positioner should also be fixed.

It is also important to check the manufacturer's specifications for the welding positioner. The motor and control are determined according to the size and speed required for the welding machine to perform. The manufacturer's specifications will tell you whether the welding machine positioning machine can handle the operations you need to perform.

During welding, the ground current should also be connected to the positioner. Without it, electrical parts may be damaged. You should also make sure that the positioner is compatible with the current generated by the welding process.

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