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Development History And Significance Of Welding Technology (Part 2)

3 Future prospects of welding technology

Since the birth of modern welding technology, it has been directly affected and guided by the latest developments in various disciplines. It is well known that the influence of new technologies such as materials and information science has not only led to the emergence of dozens of new welding processes, but also made the welding industry experience The slow transition from traditional manual to automation and intelligence has become a recognized development trend.

3.1 In terms of energy.

At present, welding heat sources have been very rich, such as flame, arc, resistance, ultrasound, friction, plasma, electron beam, laser beam, microwave, etc., but the research and development of welding heat sources have not ended, and its new development can be summarized as three First, the improvement of the existing heat source makes it more effective, convenient, and economically applicable. In this regard, the development of electron beam and laser beam welding is more significant. Second, the development of better and more efficient heat sources The two heat sources are superimposed to obtain a stronger energy density, such as adding a laser beam to electron beam welding, etc .; the third is energy-saving technology. Because welding equipment consumes a lot of energy, many new technologies aiming at energy saving have emerged, such as solar welding, resistance spot welding, and stud welding machines. The use of electronic technology to improve the welding machine Power factor and so on.

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

3.2 Application of computer in welding.

The microcomputer control system of arc welding equipment can analyze and control multiple parameters such as welding current, welding speed, arc length, etc., and display and retain data on welding operation procedures and parameter changes, so as to give accurate information on welding quality. Various computer-based control systems include welding sequence control systems, PID adjustment systems, optimal control and adaptive control systems. These systems are used in different welding methods such as arc welding, pressure welding and brazing. The application of computer software technology in welding is getting more and more attention. At present, computer simulation technology has been used to simulate welding thermal process, welding metallurgy process, welding stress and deformation, etc .; database technology has been used to establish welder archives management database, welding symbol retrieval database, welding process assessment database, welding material retrieval database, etc. ; In the field of welding, the application of CAD / CAM is in the continuous development stage, and flexible manufacturing systems for welding have also appeared.

3.3 Welding robot and intelligence.

Welding manipulator is a revolutionary advancement in welding automation. It breaks through the traditional way of welding rigid automation and opens up a new way of flexible automation. The main advantages of welding robots are: Stability and improvement of welding quality, guaranteeing the quality of welding products. Uniformity; Improve productivity, can produce continuously for 24 hours a day; Can work for a long time in a harmful environment, improve the working conditions of welding workers; Reduce the technical requirements for workers' operation; Can realize the automation of welding small batches of products; Provide a flexible production line for welding technical foundation. In order to improve the degree of automation of the welding process, in addition to controlling the automatic tracking of the arc to the weld, the welding quality should also be controlled in real time. To this end, the condition of the welding bevel, such as the width of the weld, the depth of the weld, and the back bead Forming, etc., so that welding parameters can be adjusted in time to ensure good welding quality, which is intelligent welding.

The first development of intelligent welding focused on vision systems, and its key technology was sensor technology. Although intelligence is still in its infancy, it has broad prospects and is an important development direction. Expert systems concerning welding engineering have been studied in depth at home and abroad in recent years, and some commercial welding expert systems have been introduced or are about to be launched. Welding expert system is a computer software system with the level of knowledge and experience equivalent to experts, and the ability to solve welding-specific problems. The comprehensive computerized management system for welding quality developed on this basis has also been applied in welding. Its content includes analysis of the initial test data and data of the product, product quality inspection, sales supervision, etc., and its software includes databases and expert systems. And other technologies.

3.4 Improve welding productivity.

Improving welding productivity is an important driving force for the development of welding technology. There are two ways to improve productivity: One is to increase the welding deposition rate. Iron powder welding, gravity welding, lying welding and other processes in hand arc welding; multi-wire welding and hot wire welding in submerged arc welding belong to this category, which has significant effects. The second is to reduce the groove section and the amount of deposited metal. The most outstanding achievement in the past 10 years is narrow gap welding. Narrow gap welding is based on gas shielded welding, and welding is performed using single wire, double wire or triple wire. No matter the thickness of the joint, butt joint can be used. The main technical key of narrow gap welding is how to ensure the penetration on both sides and the automatic tracking of the arc center on the groove centerline. In order to solve these two problems, various countries around the world have developed a variety of different solutions, so a variety of narrow gap welding methods have appeared. In electron beam welding, laser beam welding and plasma arc welding, butt joints can be used without opening, so it is an ideal narrow gap welding method, which is one of the important reasons for their widespread attention. At present, it is a favorable period for the rapid development of the welding industry. The extensive welding workers have a long way to go, and they must establish a determination to overcome difficulties. Seize the opportunity and work hard for the improvement of China's welding technology.

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