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Welding Manipulator Important Basic Components and Core Components

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Welding manipulator is an important basic component, which refers to the mechanical arm transmission device, automatic control system, and human-machine interaction technology system software, which has important harm to the characteristics of stamping manipulators and has practical and modular design component modules. The key is divided into the following three parts: high-precision reducer, excellent performance AC and DC power supply AC servo motor and controller, and its excellent performance intelligent robot control board.

1. Reducer

The reducer is the core component of the stamping manipulator. At this stage, two types of reducers are critically applied: harmonic current reducer and RV reducer. Used in the base and arm joint of the punching manipulator.

The harmonic drive mode was created and invented by British scientist C. Walt Musser in the middle and late 1950s. The key of the harmonic current reducer is composed of three basic prefabricated components: a wave generator, soft transmission gear, and a stiffness transmission gear. With the help of the wave generator, the soft transmission gear causes a controllable elastic deformation and meshes with the stiffness transmission gear To transmit the driving force of the fitness exercise, the transmission ratio of the unipolar transmission system reaches 70-1000, and the deformation of the flexible wheel can ensure the turning without backlash. Compared with the general reducer, when the output torque is the same, the volume of the harmonic current reducer can be reduced by 2/3, and the net weight is gradually reduced by 1/2. The flexible wheel bears a lot of alternating loads, so the fatigue resistance limit, production and processing, and quenching and tempering requirements of its raw materials are high, the manufacturing process is complicated, and the characteristics of the flexible wheel are important for high-quality harmonic current reducers.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

2. AC servo motor and controller

At the level of AC servo motors and drives, the key European famous brands at this stage are Beckhoff, Lust, Bosch Rexroth, etc. This European motor and driver components have good load capacity and dynamic response, and the controller is open and strong, and With a system bus socket, but the price is relatively expensive. However, the dynamic response capability is weak, the open style is weak, and most of them only have analog input and single pulse manipulation methods. In recent years, China has also conducted high-power communication and exchanged some basic research and industrial development of rare-earth permanent magnet synchronous motors and drives, such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Hershey, Guangzhou CNC, and other enterprises, and has a certain amount of production, but its The dynamic nature, openness, and credibility also require a large number of specific new project applications for certification.

3. the control board

At the level of the welding manipulator control board, the key of the current universal multi-axis control board service platform is divided into the key motion control card and the industrial control computer plus real-time system as the key PLC. At the level of the motion control card, the company has already developed and designed. Relatively perfect products, but the use of stamping robots is relatively less.

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