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Do You Know Welding Robots?

1. Composition of welding robot

Welding robots are also called welding manipulators.

Welding robot mainly includes two parts: robot and welding equipment. The robot consists of a robot body and a control cabinet (hardware and software). Taking welding and spot welding as examples, the welding equipment consists of welding power source (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding gun (fixture), and other components. Intelligent robots should also have sensor systems, such as laser or camera sensors and their control devices.

2. The main structure and performance of the welding robot

The welding robots produced in the world are basically welding robots, most of which have 6 axes. Among them, the 1-axis, 2-axis, and 3-axis can send the end tool to different spatial positions, while the 4-axis, 5-axis, and 6-axis can solve the different requirements of the tool posture. The mechanical structure of the welding robot body mainly has two forms: one is a parallelogram structure, and the other is a side swing structure.

The main advantage of the side-mounted (pendulum) structure is that the upper and lower arms have a wide range of motion, so the working space of the robot can almost reach a sphere. Therefore, the robot can be hung upside down to save space and facilitate the flow of objects on the ground. However, such a side-mounted robot having a 2-axis and 3-axis cantilever structure reduces the rigidity of the robot, and is generally suitable for a robot with a small load, and is used for arc welding, cutting, or painting. The upper arm of the parallelogram robot is driven by the tie rod. The tie rod and the lower arm form two sides of a parallelogram. 

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Precautions for the operation of welding robot

1. Whether the operator has received relevant training on robot operation.

2. Have a sufficient understanding of the robot's motion characteristics.

3. Have enough knowledge about the dangers of robots.

4. No wine. On duty.

5. Do not take drugs that affect the nervous system and slow down the response.

The welding manipulator factory reminds you:

Before teaching the robot, the following items should be checked. If there is any abnormality, it should be repaired in time or take other necessary measures.

1. Whether the robot has abnormal motion.

2. Whether the origin calibration is correct.

3. Whether the external auxiliary equipment related to the robot is normal.

If the teaching programmer is accidentally placed on the robot, fixture or ground, when the robot moves, the teaching programmer may collide with the robot or fixture, resulting in personal injury or equipment damage.

Prevent the accidental drop of teaching device to cause the robot to behave improperly, resulting in personal injury or equipment damage accident.

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