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Welder, How Do You Protect Against Welding Fumes?

Protect Against Welding FumesWelding positioner manufacturer shares this article with you.

The dirty air in the workshop site, mixed with dust, welding fumes, affects you all the time. Usually, the accumulation of some small injuries, such as a trickle, will cause turbulent waves without precautions.

To put it simply, PM, the English full name is particulate matter, 2.5-micron particles can directly enter the alveoli, also called lung particulate matter, and stay in the lungs permanently. The self-cleaning effect of the lungs is also helpless, welding fumes The particles are smaller than 2.5 microns, and over time, pneumoconiosis will come.

In order to live, we are desperately soldering, and at this time, only ourselves will love ourselves.

Welders’ pneumoconiosis needs early prevention   

1. Improve the ventilation of the workplace

Do a good job of ventilation and dust prevention in the workplace to minimize the dust concentration.

Ventilation methods are divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Among them, mechanical ventilation has better dust removal and detoxification effects. Therefore, in places with poor natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation measures must be adopted when welding closed or semi-closed structures. It is worth noting that many manual arc welding places, especially in summer, use fans to directly blow off the smoke and dust for ventilation, which will cause the smoke and dust to spread throughout the workshop more harmful and more likely to cause welders' pneumoconiosis.

2. Improve welding process and materials

Reform the process and make full use of automatic welding. By improving the degree of welding mechanization and automation, the operator is isolated from the operating environment, and the harm to the human body of the electric welding operation is fundamentally eliminated; by improving the welder, reducing the construction of the enclosed structure to improve the operating conditions of the operator and reducing the welding fume pollution; Improve the electrode material to choose non-toxic or low-toxic welding electrode.

3. Strengthen personal protection

Strengthening personal protection can effectively prevent the hazards of toxic gases and dust generated during welding. Welding workers must use dust-proof masks and dust-proof masks that meet the requirements of occupational disease and health; if they are working in closed or semi-enclosed institutions, they also need to wear air-supply masks to reduce the incidence of welders’ pneumoconiosis.

4. Do an occupational health check

Employers shall conduct regular inspections and evaluations of dust hazards in welding workplaces, and conduct regular occupational health inspections on workers, and discover problems in a timely manner to prevent and control occupational diseases. Regularly take chest radiographs to check the body. If respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc. are found during physical examinations, they should be transferred from work.




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