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The Development Trend Of Welding Robots

The Development Trend Of Welding Robots

At present, the international robotics community is intensifying scientific research and conducting research on common robotics technologies. From the perspective of the development trend of robotics, welding robots, like other industrial robots, are constantly developing towards intelligence and diversification. Specifically, it is manifested in the following aspects:

1) Robot manipulator structure: Through the use of modern design methods such as finite element analysis, modal analysis, and simulation design, the optimal design of the robot operating mechanism is realized. Explore new high-strength lightweight materials to further increase the load/weight ratio.

2) Robot control system: The focus is on open and modular control systems. The development of an open controller based on PC is convenient for standardization and networking; the integration of components is improved, the control cabinet is becoming smaller and more exquisite, and the modular structure is adopted; the reliability, ease of operation, and maintainability of the system are greatly improved. The performance of the control system has been further improved. It has been developed from a standard 6-axis robot in the past to now being able to control 21 or even 27 axes, and it has realized software servo and full digital control. The man-machine interface is more friendly, and language and graphical programming interfaces are under development. The standardization and networking of robot controllers and PC-based network controllers have become research hotspots. In addition to further improving the operability of online programming in programming technology, the practicality of offline programming will become a research focus, and offline programming in certain areas has been practical.

3) Robot sensing technology: The role of sensors in robots is becoming more and more important. In addition to traditional position, speed, acceleration, and other sensors, assembly and welding manipulator also use laser sensors, vision sensors, and force sensors, and realize automatic welding. Tracking and automatic positioning of objects on automated production lines and precision assembly operations have greatly improved the robot's operating performance and adaptability to the environment. Remote control robots use multi-sensor fusion technologies such as vision, sound, force, and touch to perform environmental modeling and decision-making control. In order to further improve the robot's intelligence and adaptability, the use of multiple sensors is the key to its problem-solving. The research focus is on effective and feasible multi-sensor fusion algorithms, especially in the case of non-linear, non-stationary, and non-normal distribution. Another problem is the practicality of the sensing system.

Welding Robots

4) Robot remote control and monitoring technology In some high-risk environments such as nuclear radiation, deep water, toxic and other high-risk environments, welding or other operations require remote-controlled robots to replace humans. The development characteristic of the contemporary remote control robot system is not to pursue a fully autonomous system, but to focus on the human-machine interactive control between the operator and the robot, that is, remote control and local autonomous systems constitute a complete monitoring and remote control operating system, enabling intelligent robots to walk out of the laboratory and enter practical applications stage.

5) Virtual robot technology: The role of virtual reality technology in robots has evolved from simulation and rehearsal to process control, such as enabling remote-controlled robot operators to feel like they are in a remote working environment to manipulate the robot. Based on multi-sensor, multimedia, and virtual reality and telepresence technology, the robot's virtual teleoperation, and human-computer interaction are realized.

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