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Is The Future The World Of Welding Robots?

Is The Future The World Of Welding Robots?

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1.Significance of welding robot application

(1) Stabilize and improve the welding quality and ensure the uniformity of the welding seam. When using robot welding, the welding parameters of each welding seam are constant, and the quality of the welding seam is less affected by human factors, so the welding quality is relatively stable.

(2) The working conditions of workers are improved. Robot welding is adopted. The welder is far away from welding arc, smoke, spatter, and high temperature. For spot welding, the welder no longer carries heavy manual welding tongs, so that the welder can be relieved from high-intensity manual labor.

(3) Improve labor productivity. Welding robots can continuously produce 24 hours a day. In addition, with the application of high-speed welding and narrow-gap welding technology, the use of robot welding has improved efficiency more significantly.

(4) The product cycle is clear and it is easy to control the production efficiency. The production cycle of the robot is fixed, so the production plan is very clear.

2. Development trend of welding manipulator

In order to meet customers' various demands for products, construction machinery is gradually developing into a "new special" small batch, which also speeds up the intelligent and automatic development of welding robots. In recent years, the research and application of welding robot technology in welding seam tracking, information sensing, off-line programming and path planning, intelligent control, power supply technology, simulation technology, welding process method, and remote control welding technology have made many outstanding achievements. From the development trend of robot technology, welding robot, like other industrial robots, is developing towards intelligence and diversification. Specifically, it is reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Intelligent. Will, vision, sensor, laser detection, image processing, and intelligent control technology such as a computer used in the welding automation equipment, can make it in a variety of complex environment, change of welding conditions according to the actual situation of welding, automatic adjustment, and optimization of welding trajectories and process parameters, achieve intelligent control with high quality, high efficiency of welding seam tracking, greatly improving the robot's job performance and adaptability to the environment.

Welding Robots

(2) Efficiency. Due to the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the application of large scale integrated circuit, the reliability of the welding robot system has been greatly improved. Welding robot performance continues to improve (high speed, high precision, high reliability, easy operation, and maintenance), while the single machine price continues to decline. In the past, the reliability of the robot system was usually thousands of hours, but now it has reached 50 thousand hours, which can meet the needs of any occasion. At the same time, multiple welding robots and handling robots integrated wiring can achieve automatic production, human factors reduced to the minimum, product quality uniformity and production efficiency are significantly improved.

(3) Flexibility. Modern production request the same device can meet the same type and machining of various specifications, welding automation processing of different kinds of artifacts, even at the same time because of the large welding automation of complete sets of equipment or production line at a time investment is relatively high, so need to consider when designing this kind of welding equipment flexibility and formation of flexible manufacturing system, in order to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment.

(4) Networking. The development of intelligent interfaces, remote communication, and other modern network technologies has promoted the development and application of integrated management and control technology of welding automation equipment. Through the network to the production process automatic control integration, the use of computer technology, remote communication, and other technologies, welding processing process and quality information, production management, and other information, through the network to achieve digital integration management, offline programming, remote monitoring, diagnosis, and maintenance.

(5) Clean and environmentally friendly. The research of new technology, new material, and new technology can reduce the generation of welding smoke and dust. Meanwhile, the smoke and dust generated in the welding process can be purified through centralized treatment technology, so that the welding environment can be further improved. Welding pollution treatment equipment from the single, fixed, large scale, to complete set, combination, mobility, miniaturization, and low resource consumption direction. Local ventilation and overall ventilation are used to deal with the main pollution welding fume.

3.Prospects of welding robots in the future

Along with the computer technology, network technology, intelligent control technology, artificial intelligence theory and the development of industrial production system, there are a lot of welding robot technology needs us to carefully study the problem, especially the welding robot visual control technology, fuzzy control technology, and intelligent control technology, embedded control technology, virtual reality technology, and network control technology will be the main direction of future research.

It is expected that welding robots in the future will develop in the direction of virtual reality technology, multi-sensor information fusion technology, multi-intelligent welding robot system, and mobile robot system. The super-large network capacity, high data transmission rate, and low network delay of 5G technology have improved the coordination and intelligence level of the welding robot system. Virtual reality (VR) is technology including 3D computer graphics technology, multi-functional sensor interactive interface technology, and HD display technology, which can decompose and recombine the reality of events in space and time, enabling welding robots to communicate in real-time and remotely.

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