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What are the causes of axial turbulence in the welding positioner?

With the development of science and technology, people have increased the requirements for various equipment, including the auto welding positioner we use. So how much do you know about its related knowledge? When we are welding positioner, there will be axial turbulence. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Next, the automatic welding equipment factory will introduce you to relevant knowledge points.

HBJ-CNC Automatic Welding Positioner

1. When the cylinder of the cylinder is welded, because the motor is uneven or unstable in rotation, the cylinder will definitely have axial turbulence.

2. If three of the four rollers of the roller frame are mounted on the same plane, and the other one is mounted on a different plane, if the welding is performed, the roller will basically have an axial direction to the cylinder. The external force, the result is the phenomenon of the cylinder body swaying.

3. When the driving wheel and the moving wheel of the welding roller frame are on the same plane but not parallel, the welding roller frame will also cause an axial external force to the cylinder of the cylinder body, resulting in downward movement of the cylinder body. The driving wheel and the driven wheel of the welding roller carriage are not in the same plane.

4. However, if the driven roller and the driving wheel of the welding roller frame are not in the horizontal line at all, the welding roller frame will cause an axial force of external force to the cylinder, which causes the cylinder to move in a lower direction.

The axial purpose of the weldment is detected. The main purpose is to detect the axial position of the weldment in the swaying position and direction. The way of weldment detection can be divided into: the detection of the side of the wall and the detection of the end face. Kind, but the more widely used should be the latter detection method, and the more common problem is that the end face of the weldment and the axial line appear uneven in the vertical direction, so it must be on the end face of the weldment to be tested. Careful processing.

The driving wheel is effectively controlled at the speed. In order to realize the stepless speed regulation of the welding piece and to rotate smoothly, two different methods can be adopted, firstly, the speed regulation of the DC is performed first; These two different speed control modes have their own characteristics, but the latter is more widely used, because this speed regulation method can meet the welding roller frame of different tonnages, and in order to ensure that the rotating type welding positioner are mutually The scroll wheel is easy to adjust in the spacing, and it is more convenient to combine. It can be driven by the driving wheel separately, which is more convenient to use, but it is also necessary to solve the synchronization problem between different driving wheels. In fact, relying on fuzzy control alone, it is impossible to effectively solve the fault of the weldment. If the end face of the weldment is greater than the accuracy of the tamper, then the computer will not be able to accurately calculate the amount of offset, specifically It is not caused by the end face error of the weldment, or because of the axial movement of the weldment. The main reason is that the error in size and shape is different for different weldments.

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