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Performance Characteristics of CNC Flame Cutting Machine

The CNC flame cutting machine is a high-efficiency automatic cutting and blanking device that is self-developed and developed for the processing of supporting metal structures by absorbing advanced software and hardware technologies. It can cut longitudinal and horizontal straight lines, and can also be plane geometric figures of arc curves Cutting, cutting surface roughness and precision requirements are high, small deformation, multiple sets of straight cutting torches can be cut at the same time, so that the plate does not deform and at the same time improves production efficiency. This machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, and advanced technology.

Among them, the frame drive adopts a motor to drive the rack and pinion drive; the main and slave torch seats are driven by steel belts, and the steel belts have high strength and elasticity. They are used to drag the driven torch. The guide wheels at both ends of the beam expand the steel belt. The driven torch base can be clamped in front of or behind the steel belt with a clamping device to achieve co-directional or symmetrical cutting. All cutting torches and electric lifting mechanisms are assembled on the main beam. The main beam adopts a box beam, which has a compact structure and a beautiful appearance. After welding, the welding stress is eliminated, the weight is light, and the inertia is small, which is beneficial to the rapid cutting and cutting of the steel plate. Can still be guaranteed. The scraper plates are installed at both ends of the driving frame, and the debris accumulated on the track surface is scraped during operation.

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Anyone who uses a CNC flame cutting machine knows the importance of preheating in flame cutting. The preheat setting of the cutting machine is a means to adjust the temperature of the flame.

Anyone who has used a CNC flame cutting machine knows the importance of preheating in flame cutting. The cutting process is to ignite the surface of the workpiece by spraying pure oxygen (at least 99.5%). The heated flame is heated from the work to be processed to the ignition temperature to start the process.

Combustion begins with the transportation of oxygen for cutting. As the heat rises, the combustion in the adjacent workpiece continues quickly. The moving torch cuts the joint, which is blown away by cutting off the dynamic energy of the molten oxygen spray. The following conditions must be fulfilled when truncating:

1. In order to remove the resulting metal oxide, the melting temperature of the oxide must be lower than the melting point of the material.

2. The ignition temperature of the material should be lower than the melt temperature.

3. Continue to maintain the ignition temperature at the cutting point. The heat loss is compensated by the heating flame. Non-alloy steel with less than 0.3% carbon and low alloy steel with more than 0.4% carbon sugar can be cut after preheating. With the increase of the proportion of metal elements, the cutting process becomes more and more difficult, so chrome steel nickel or silicon metal, cast steel and other materials without special precautions are not suitable for oxygen cutting, these materials must use different processing methods Thermal cutting.

Although CNC flame cutting thin plate (0.5-6mm) has been gradually replaced by plasma cutting in the field of cutting, in terms of cutting thick and medium plates, h-beam CNC flame cutting machine is still in a pivotal position And, due to its price advantage, flame-cutting has always occupied a certain market share in sheet metal cutting.

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