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What Should We Pay Attention to when Welding Robots Work?

The welding manipulatornot only has the advantages of high efficiency and stable efficiency, but also has good flexibility, which can ensure its stable operation even in a complicated environment. This is inseparable from the composition of the welding robot.

Considering that the manipulator must have sufficient load capacity, the welding clamp can be sent to a space position for welding with a large acceleration. Generally, a heavy manipulator with a load of 100 to 150 kg is selected. In order to meet the requirements of short distance rapid displacement of the welding clamp during continuous spot welding. The new heavy-duty manipulator adds the ability to perform 50 ‰‰ displacements within 0.3Ã. This puts forward higher requirements on the performance of the motor, the computing speed of the computer and the algorithm.

So what about the welding quality of welding manipulator china? If there is a yellow cover on the surface of the welding seam after manual welding, you need to pay more attention when welding to avoid similar problems. Welding quality is up to standard.

We all know that there are many companies that use welding robots in the welding industry. That is because robots not only have high production efficiency, but also have many advantages. This is also an important reason why companies use welding robots to replace traditional manual. First of all, we need to know that this yellow thing is actually an impurity in the welding wire and the welding base material. The main reason is that the silicon and manganese elements oxidize at high temperature during the welding process with the CO2 in the protective gas, and decompose to form the oxide formed by silicon oxide and manganese oxide It is similar to the welding slag when welding by manual electrode.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Although a welding manipulator manufacturer believes that although these phenomena can occur even when using a welding manipulator, these oxides do not have any adverse effect on the quality of the welding, except for the appearance of a few flaws. It can be easily done with a brush Clear it out. There will be some silicon-manganese elements in the metal element of the welding base material. This phenomenon will definitely exist. If you want to reduce these oxides, you can choose a welding wire containing fewer points of silicon-manganese elements. Replace the shielding gas with a CO2 In mixed gas, there will be less oxide and less yellow spots.

The application of industrial robots is becoming more and more widespread, and almost all industries are considering the use of robots instead of labor, including the welding industry. Welding robots, like all industrial robots, are also composed of the main parts of the robot body, control cabinet and teaching programmer, but the welding robot also needs to be equipped with a welding power source, wire feeding device and welding gun device.

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